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    FightingSeraph Thanks! :)

    Toffers Thanks. I agree in most of your points. The city, as also the character are looking great now! :) But the color sheme is not exactly what I wanted for this painting.
    About more saturated colors, you're right.
    I tried a few things out and changed some points you mentioned.
    So thaaaaaaaanks a loooot for your overpaint and critique.

    Alex Eh Thanks. Glad you like it! :)


    So, here's finally the update.
    Sorry that you had to wait that long, but I really didn't get my ass up to update.
    I hate this upload manager and during my last post I was also not thaaat active in art communitys.

    Don't want to write a long text with all the stuff that happened, because I have a kinda heavy cold at the moment, so just a few things to mention:

    - Some nice levelup's and insights with various things during january
    - Digital Painting is slowly getting really enjoyable for me ^.^
    - Even though I spend a lot of time on personal pieces and projects (just as the portofolio I created), it's now time to get back to more study's
    ---->>> Because I painted a lot of personal pieces, I found a lot of lacks, which I can only fix with fundamentals and studys! :)

    That's it so far.

    I hope to make more regular updates again. Also because I need to PRACTICE more, instead of just painting. ;)

    PS: Last photograph is my new Netbook - Wacom Tablet combination for on-the-go. Now I can finally paint in bed, at my friends atelier and all other places. :) Fits perfect on the keyboard without pressing any buttons.

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