Comic Book Artist Wanted for Partnership...

I am an artist who has been working on the development of a new comic book series. My schedule is starting to heat up, so I had to back out of a project that I started to develop with a wonderful writer/musician and his writing partner. The comic will work in conjunction with another separate project that is a bluesy rock opera that follows the same story. The comic is intended to be pitched as a long term series separate from the music.

I have already done the character designs, settings, layouts and roughs for the 8 pg pitch, so any artist stepping in would just have to bring it home! Unfortunately there is no pay upfront (you know how creator-owned stuff goes) until it gets picked up. The writers are great to work with and they really know what they want and how to explain it thoroughly. Honestly, it pains me to walk away from his project, but I have no choice.

If you or someone you know would be interested in this, please send links to your previous work and/or jpegs. Previous experience and a lot of drive a must.

I want to help my friends find a talented artist for a project that I really believe in!


If you are interested, please contact: