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  • scorge

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  • Naphtali

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  • Grimstitch

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  • Theodora_romania

    2 2.53%
  • inkjetcanvas

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  • ARefrigerator

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  • Vaejoun

    5 6.33%
  • klesk33

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  • Phade01

    8 10.13%
  • Ragnj

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  • skullbeast

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  • Darkiesoul

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  • |flow

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  • J-Sun

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Thread: C.O.W. #167 Translucent Muscular and Levitating -- VOTING

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    C.O.W. #167 Translucent Muscular and Levitating -- VOTING

    C.O.W. #167 Translucent Muscluar and Levitating - VOTING!!



    Topic: Translucent Muscular and Levitating

    Deadline for the voting: Sunday February 28th 2010

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    Artist: Dr Midnight

    Concept: Drippy Squishy Fellow

    I'm too lazy and apathetic to pretend I came up with an ecology for this thing. I just wanted to make it.

    C.O.W. #167 Translucent Muscular and Levitating -- VOTING
    Tom Martin, stuff-drawer

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    Artist: Scorge

    Concept: Burrlyx
    Scientists are still trying to determine the make up of this creature's strange anatomy, with it's translucent skin, bulging jellyfish like mucles and its amazing ability to levitate above the ground. A rough analysis has concluded that the air sacs on the lifeforms back are filled with a super-light gas, unknown to our periodic table, allowing it to hover anywhere from 16-24 inches above the surface of the planet.
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    Artist: Naphtali

    Concept: Float vulture
    The deadly float vulture.

    This Avian is a deadly predator. Most assume it is but a mere scavenger but the creature will hunt down anything it thinks it can kill. The creature has a ravenous appetite and will kill until there is nothing left to hunt. At which point it will move to a new territory.

    The float vulture is fiercely territorial and will fight anything that threatens its territory, that includes other float Vultures. The Monster is solitary most of its life and only mates once. this is because the float Vulture is so territorial that it will fight its mate and some don't survive. This behavior is seen as blessing from the gods as more then just a few float vultures can decimate a country side in a just a few months.

    It has been said that some wizards try to Tame the float vulture and use them as a mount or Guard beast... These wizards have never been heard from again. there is a rumor of a Wizard that was successful of taming one, but he guards this secret almost as feircely as the Float vulture guards the wizards castle.

    That Float Vulture as a strange way of moving. since it is in a constant state of hovering and has no propitiatory way of movement it takes it scythe like feet and slashes at the ground until it reaches a suitable speed and then uses its feet to slash and kill what ever it is hunting. for being such a powerful beast the animal is noted for its cleanliness. The creature gives off almost no stench and is remarkably quite. They say that if you hear its cry and survive you are blessed by the gods.. the survivors that are bound to wheelchair or bed beg to differ.

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    Artist: Grimstitch

    Concept: Dortrog

    The Dortrogs are rather strange creatures, air breathers but primarily amphibious. What makes them unique is their ability to "swim" in both air and water via gaseous bladders that inflate or deflate at their control and powerful thrusts from their eel-like tails. They feed exclusively on small sea life and it's believed that they periodically levitate above sea level in order to more easily locate large food concentrations. They are also all kinds of cute.

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    Artist: Theodora_romania

    Concept: The stickers

    A creature so light... but so strong that can fly using its transparent magical wings! It has a little organic round ball at the top of the head that attracts its food... gettin to close makes you stick in it! It's name is Sticky the flying magical dragonite! But usually they are called The Stickers. They are not so smart... but the liquid they make is well knows for helping the hunters capture their pray in the wild! They are found in dark murky places... where.. well a lot of bugs are flying of course!!!!! They look muscly to intimidate those that wants to attack them but those that know more about it the pore creature has no chance but to use the wind and it s magic to fly away fast!
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    Artist: inkjetcanvas

    Concept: The Argeisis

    Measuring approximately 14 inches from nose to end of tail, this wispy, self-illuminated creature is rarely seen by the human eye, as they only appear once every 300 years, and only then under the full moon, in the spring, when the humidity is over 80%.

    They're translucent skin emits a soft, aqua light. They float through the air using magical means - as can be seen through the magenta glow of ancient magic from their spine.

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    Artist: Fridge

    Concept: The Helium Dragon

    The Helium dragon is a creature which lives in a world saturated with Helium. Through its mouth, it seeps in helium and diverts it to its sacs along its back. The Helium dragon then uses this much like a blimp to support its body and allows itself to float. However, as a result, the creature must keep itself in motion for most of the day in order to keep this ability.

    The Helium dragon sleeps on top of large rocks and high trees so that it may slither off and intake a large amount of helium as it falls. If the creature is not able to intake enough Helium, it is capable of slithering along the ground until it has enough Helium to take off, but this leaves them very venerable to predators. The Helium Dragon despite its name is mainly omnivorous and eats plants with the occasion of smaller prey.

    Sorry if thats a little long, I got a bit excited.
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    Artist: Vaejoun

    Concept: Mammoth Leech

    In the fast canyons of the outland lives a very rare predator, a giant blood sucker called the mammoth leech.
    Like a sepia, the leech glides through the air, his long thin form is made to search the canyons and caves for prey. And if he finds a lone cow, a human or even a grizzly his two long and very strong tentachles reach out, grab the prey and lift it from the ground. The Leech doesnt even need to stop.
    Then, already on his search for new prey, his needle like tounge comes out, pierces the prey and sucks all the body fluids out of it.
    Usually the leech is colorless, which makes it harder to see him from the ground against the sky above him, but when he ate, he turns red for a while.
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    Artist: klesk33

    Concept: Gigashrimp

    Deep down the sea some curious diver makes the discovery of his life. A huge gigashrimp emerges from the abyss looking for some whales to eat. These creatures avoid all human contact, but shortage of food makes them more and more adventurous and dangerous these days.


    Toon blog:

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    Artist: Phade01

    Concept: Chrysaora Aero

    Little is known about the creatures that live in the upper atmosphere of the planet, The evolution of these creatures has progressed in strange ways. take for instance the Chrysaora Aero.

    These huge pink creatures are found in the most upper atmospheres of the planet. They travel in colonies using the wind directions, wich they can influence using there "fins" as a sail. They have large spheres on there back wich they can use as a radar. They also use small lights on the sides of there body's in order to communicate.

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    Artist: Ragnj

    Concept: Flux (3046 AD)
    The flux were once big muscular creatures that ruled the world with strength, but after the arrival of the enormous Goohs they had to turn to other abilities then pure muscle to keep the power. Their race were extremely adaptable and under just a couple of generations their brains had evolved the ability to use telekinesis. Their big muscles now became useless and it soon started to rot and decay to ease their new way of transporting themselves, by hovering.

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    Umbrelic Vampyre

    Artist: skullbeast

    Concept: Umbrelic Vampyre
    If you happen to be caught out at dusk on Carpathiain 141... be warned the Umbrelic Vampyre will not give a second thought about making a meal from your bloody bones. Be sure to cary your protective rune field kit, when you just have to be out at night!

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