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    Gnomon School of VFX 3d program

    ... what's it like?

    Been thinking of getting into 3d animation, and naturally I'm curious about Gnomon's 3d program (looking to get into the 2 year one, not the 3 year or the entertainment design program).

    I've poked around the internet for reviews, the Gnomon school website itself, but haven't found much except some pretty vague posts. I've also tried contacting some people on their "alumni success story" section but unlike the next-gen atelier's students/alumni, they never replied back. So if any of y'all are on this site, tell me what the school is like! (or message me instead).
    I'd like to hear some first hand accounts of the place before I choose to apply.

    How are the instructors and the students (equally important because if the students are shit that does not bode well for any school, whether its art or not)?
    How are classes and the facilities like?
    What type of assignments do they usually give?
    Are there internship opportunities, gallery shows and career services?
    Are all of the above helpful, or was it all an utter waste of cash/loans?
    And last but not least, what are living costs in Hollywood like:
    how much for a studio, 1 BR, et?
    Is public transportation available/is a car absolutely neccessary?
    Are places like groceries and pharmacies easily accessible?

    Thanks in advance.
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    My daughter took their MAYA intensive last summer. Thus, I might be able to answer some of your questions from her perspective:

    1.She loved ALL of her instructors. They were all very knowledgeable in their field and were all working professionals.Most of the students were very dedicated too.

    2.She liked her classes. All the computers were new and had state of the art software. Only problem is that computers get used by classes. Sometimes, you have to come in later in the evening to do projects. or use your own computer.

    3. Again, she had a very intensive class that was 40 hours per week. She did get some assignment that illustrated what was covered,but the assignment weren't designed to provide portfolio work. This was made clear to both us and her at the outset, so this wasn't a surprise.

    4.Most of the people that attend Gnomon liked their program. As an added benefit, any Gnomon student can borrow and use their videos for no charge,which are considered to be some of the best in the industry.

    5.Living costs vary. If you share a house or room with someone, it will cost about $1,000 per month plus utilities, food, gas etc. Public transportation is available via bus,but you might want to work late at night. Taking buses late at night is not advisable. Thus, you will either need a car or live close enough to use a bike. Parking is plentiful by the school because student can part in nearby Gold's Gym parking lot,which is right across the street from Gnomon. As for shopping and other groceries, it depends where you live. You really need to check out the location of where Gnomon is and where you will be living. Generally, a car is necessary in California to get around.

    Hope this helped.

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