Hello, I am a professional writer with credits in both comic books and film. I am seeking a realistic artist that has a style on their own. When i say style of their own, I mean something in the Vertigo Line. Something in the style 100 bullets, Preacher, Y The Last Man etc would really be prefered. I have several credits from comics and film but comics is my first love. I am looking for a HIGHLY MOTIVATED and PROFESSIONAL individual to work on a unique project. Professionalism goes a long way for me. This should be looked on as a project that can make the artist some money, but the length( 48 to 52 pgs) is such that they WILL NOT feel swamped and burdened by a single finite project, distribution will come from several different centers including Digital, Mobile Phones as well as Print. All of this will be discussed via email, as well as a signed professional non disclosure agreements that will protect both parties. The artist will be paid for their work but most of the MONEY will be on the back end. There may possibly be an advance though. Please send any and all samples to the imprint at the email address below. All submissions will be given equal time and consideration. Thank you for your time and consideration and I look forward to reading what you have to offer. Thank you, Shane. Please send samples to email.