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    Illustrator / Firefox bug

    I searched the forums and couldnt found anything about this, but today i opened up Illustrator and my keyboard shortcuts were all skrewy.
    the spacebar wouldn't bring up the hand tool, i couldn't option drag anything, etc.
    right now im designing user interfaces for a video game, so its a MUST for me to be able to use these shortcuts.

    it took awhile, but i figured out what was causing the problem:


    for some reason if I open up firefox BEFORE illustrator, it'll fuck everything up. but if i open illustrator before firefox, all is good.
    so if you're having the same issue, close both programs, open illustrator first and your shortcuts should be working like normal. then you can open firefox and procrastinate all you want.
    just thought i'd put that info out there for those who might be having the same problem.

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    Which version of firefox are you using? Also is this specific to your OS?

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    Wow thanks for the heads up, even thought i have never experienced this problem on illustrator it happened a couple of times on inDesign couldn't figure out why so i had to restart it till it worked.

    Btw it sounds like your on a mac (so am i) and firefox does tend to be way slower than on a windows O.S. don't know why, so i've been using google chrome which works great.

    Edit: he mentioned using option drag which is a mac thing

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