Art: Figure drawing and other art school adventures

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    Figure drawing and other art school adventures

    Hello Everyone.

    I am a fine art student in southern California. The majority of the work i will be posting will be from figure drawing workshops and in-class figure drawing assignments. I will also post the occasional oil painting.

    Here I have drawings ranging from quick 3min gestures to full 1hr poses.
    I'm having trouble with my gestures; I tend to think around the figure with my tools rather than placing the correct mark the first time. The time limit seems to stress out my drawing as well. The more time I have the more I relax and I believe this shows in my drawings. I have found one of the hardest things of my education, and some may agree, is learning how to properly apply the marks of my tools in an efficient matter.

    Below those drawings I have a few figure paintings from last semester's Figure Painting 1 class. The first two paintings are from in class and are very unfinished. The third painting was my final and i could potentially work on that a little bit more and enter it into the juried show at the end of this next semester. We'll see.

    Finally, below those I have my portrait final from last semester as well. The assignment was a value study underpainting for a self-portrait.

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    Your recent drawings look great. Awesome line work.. loving the 3rd page down.

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    3 more figures

    MichelleFarro: thanks

    Hey there again, I have 3 more drawings here from yesterdays figure workshop.

    I think these are all 20 min poses, if I remember right. I went in afterwards on the first one and pushed some of the darks and increased the dark mass on the models head.


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    Looks great. There are still some anatomical mistakes here and there but you have in general capture the pose and figure quite well. I love the torso and head in your third painting but the hand is abit wonked out. Will be graet if u can correct it. You are starting out in a good way. Keep it coming !!

    -JS Neo

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    your workshop drawings are looking good! I like that you incorporate the background for the longer ones

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    Nice stuff - I can see you're a little hesitant with your gesture - they're the toughest thing aren't they? My only suggestion to try out, is to work from the spine more and feel the flow-through and down to the weight - maybe think active/inactive sides a little more too. I didn't really see that much dynamic posing for gesture so that makes it a little tougher to loosen up I think. My current teacher is a pretty dynamic guy and talks about "fencing" with your charcoal - you should see him, it's great.

    That first painting is dynamite - I think it has just enough finished - great composition with those simplified, rectangular/geometric forms contrasting with her - ok, maybe that negative space under her left arm should resolve somehow.

    Anyway - great stuff - you guys all seem to know each other which is cool!

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    TP painting

    Mydrako: Hey thanks!

    prufrock27: thanks sisi!

    JeffX99: yes I am quite hesitant with my gestures. I believe I panic and rush the gesture. I think I get stuck in the misconception that each line needs to be made quickly when I could probably get more done with more calculated lines. we'll see. Thanks!

    I have some more figure images to capture and upload but for now I have 2 paints I did 2 weeks ago.

    First is an in class toilet paper painting.
    Second is a at home painting that I did on my day off.
    both roughly 6hrs

    Thanks everyone.

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    More TP and figures

    Hello there,

    We did another oil painting of toilet paper.

    The toned paper figure was a 2 day pose.

    The rest are figures ranging from quick gestures to about a 30 mins

    the final image is a head study from the Glen Orbik workshop in pasadena.

    take care,


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