Final Poll: P.O.W.! 36: Five Covers...

We hit the mother-load with this one--nine people turned in 45 pieces, and we had a lot of good starts that I'll post later that didn't make it to the polling.. You're voting for all five covers by one artist. the specs are included below that we all had to work to to give you an idea of what was needed.


Cover A. Title is "FRACTURED." Theme/synopsis is Sci-Fi--A world has/is evolved/evolving with a slight post-apocalyptic feel to it that includes disparate races/species/etc. being forced to live together in as normal a situation as possible after they have all been stranded/dumped/voluntarily escaped to the world. This is NOT a "Us vs. Them" scenario. Think of it as a "We're all in the same boat so let's get along" story.

Audience is adult/young adult/hopefully attractive to both genders.

Cover B: Title is "BUTTON PUNCHER." Theme/synopsis is high-school coming of age/love story/drama where one of the two main characters is a 16-year-old professional assassin. Feel is romantic, humorous (ya'think?!?), and as serious or cartoonish in approach as you want.

Audience is Teen/young adult/hopefully attractive to both genders, with slight leaning to the female reader.

Cover C: Title is "SHADOWS." Theme/synopsis is horror/mystery, with a primary character who has a history of incredibly bad luck, but comes to realize that it is actually due to someone/somethng just out of the his/her peripheral vision that is actually manipulating his/her life for some unknown reason. Story is spooky, bloody and messy in both plot and lifestyle. The horror is more psychological than "CREEPY Magazine" blood, guts, and gore, even though it's loaded with all of the aforementioned.

Audience is older teen/young adult/adult due to gore and such.

Cover D: Title is "THE SEEDLING." Theme/synopsis is a young person--age 5-6--who has been raised in isolation from other children and is suddenly exposed to a new family, city life and school for the first time. The little one is extremely shy and reclusive, and story is concerned with how our little person slowly integrates into society.

Audience is preteens to adult, and cover should be attractive to both extremes.

Cover E: Title is "THE FIVE STARS." Theme/synopsis is stereotypical fantasy/swords and sorcery/mis-matched band of heroes on a quest kind of thing. Any approach is cool--Asian, LOTR, African, ancient, modern, whatever floats your boat. Be as creative in approach as you want--you know how this type of story works.

Audience is Teen/young adult/adult/hopefully attractive to both genders, with very slight stress on the masculine reader.

This is an exercise in interpretation, originality (in approach), and marketing. You aren't doing a neato drawing/illustration. You are executing the primary first selling image of a mass market item that won't sell if no one picks it up. It's both illustration, conceptual art and graphic design. I'm the client, so if any of these don't sell and i can't afford my rent, it will be YOUR fault...and I will break every bone in your puny bodies before selling you into slavery. Enjoy.


The voting will be open for roughly two weeks. Vote for one artist (and NOT yourself), and just to remind you--the theme is "Five Covers..." with any interpretation you felt appropriate to your story.

Artists are posted in alphabetical order...