Sketchbook: [25th Jan] gredgie explains it all
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Thread: [25th Jan] gredgie explains it all

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    [25th Jan] gredgie explains it all

    Right, I'm on a roll, a good roll.
    Over the last few days I've drawn six pictures, yet in each one I have seemingly improved and I'm such a perfectionist I can only bare to show you the best of the best... which is the last one.

    Fear not though, I shall fill this sketchbook as much as I can, I'm thoroughly enjoying learning this B+W style.

    So yeah, to practice faces and such, I'm basically drawing pictures of my friends they've put up on Facebook.

    I'm pleased with it as it's the closest I've got to a really nice, sketched black and white look in any study so far.

    The lips are probably my greatest adoration in the picture as they look like lips... and not a duck bill.

    That said they are probably just a tiny bit too big, but instead of ninja-editing them with Transform, I left them in there, as we can't be afraid of our mistakes!

    More to come soon.

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