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    Radndom question about 'starting' sketching again and pshop wacom

    first off - does anyone use cs4 - and have ridiculous lag with a wacom? As a nerd web guy and wacom-only-even when actionscript/php/expressioning-fuck-a-mouse guy, i've went through every possible setting, event got a new nvidia 250... i generally turn off all the stupid new 'features' (flick bullshit, animated zoom, etc (i know the rotate canvas is awesome, it just is so slow i want to stab myself in the eyes))... i also know this has a lot to do with proc/ram/busspeed etc... just wondering if anyone has a few tips i might not have covered. or should i just install cs3, if i want to paint? and i know painter is an option but i feel like a tard in painter.

    also as a coding/flashing/animating/maya noob/weak graff styles/wishes he could draw anatomy better... what do you think would be a good thing to start on for drawing humans.... obviously face/foreshortened feet/hands etc tend to be pretty hard... but maybe just some thoughts/rants on ideas behind becoming a better sketcher.

    and just to reiterate, im not looking for some special answer, or a quick fix, or a magic photoshop 'make me good at drawring button'... just random thoughts if you got time...



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    adobe released a patch:

    hope this helps
    sketchbook <- help me improve!

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    thank you edge

    wow im super impressed so much better - thanks again
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