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Thread: So you can draw with fingers, wrist, elbow and arm yes?

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    So you can draw with fingers, wrist, elbow and arm yes?

    Whole my life I have been drawing with fingers, by planting side of my palm firmly on paper/tablet/whatever. Lifting it off the surface just made it feel drawing so uncontrolable and all over the place. I often hear that is beneficial to draw with your whole arm. And I start to see limitations of drawing with fingers, it doesnt seem all that much precise and it is hard to make longer lines or lines with certains angles.
    1. So I want to try lift my hand, take off into the skyes what? I am using small tablet (bamboo fun) mostly so drawing with a whole arm seems like an overkill. Maybe mainly elbow then? Do I still use wrist and fingers or try to hold them in the same position?
    2. If I quickly (think minutes or less) feel tiredness in whole arm after lifting it off the page and my line is all over the place does it mean that
    a) It is all totally natural and I just need a lot of practice with this way of drawing
    b) I have some fine motor skills disorder like dysgraphia, I autofail at drawing and nobody will ever like me.
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    But b) was funny...I like "Dysgraphia"...
    c) Keep in mind drawing from the shoulder won't really work with a Bamboo. Drawing from the shoulder is a traditional approach when drawing or painting with your work placed vertically in the same plane as the picture plane (standing or sitting are both fine). It is generally best for drawing and painting in a larger format - 16x20 - 18x24 being typical for figure drawing (though painting can readily be done as small as 5x7). Basically it is the method you see everyone using when you see a photo of a studio/atelier, class environment or people painting outdoors.
    What would Caravaggio do?

    Plein Air
    Still Life
    Sight Measuring
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