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    Azzy's Sketch Book

    I kept procrastinating on making one of these. Then I finally got tired of procrastinating.

    So. Hello everybody! I'm Ariel. Or you can call me Azheryn or Azzy. I'm almost 18, I live in Texas, I love fantasy/sci-fi, I love my music, I love a lot of things...including long walks on the beach. (Jk. I actually don't really like walking on the beach. Too much sand.)

    ...And finally, I aspire to be AWESOMESAUCE.

    Or. You know. As good as I can possibly be. One of the two and/or both.

    Feel free to tear me apart, so long as you at least give me hints as to how I can put myself back together again. (In other words, please, feel free to critique away! < 3 )

    (More to come, by the way. Just not enough time to upload everything tonight.)
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    Finally got around to making my first update. This next week is going to be busy as all hell I think. my NJROTC unit at school has its annual inspection next week...and as the supply officer, I get to count a shit ton of clothes before then.

    But anyway. I'll probably be working a lot on anatomy studies as well as practice with Corel Painter...since I haven't worked digitally in god knows how long due to being a lazy ass with zero time management skills. (I am to change this. Nonono. I'm serious.) If anyone can give me some tips on how best to go about studying anatomy/digital painting/ anything, really, it would be greatly appreciated. Right now I'm just...kind of going on instinct. 8D;

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    Hi Ariel! You are already 10x more skilled than I am! And almost 10 years younger!!! Keep up the good work, you have a great start to your studies.
    -I often post from my phone; so please excuse the typos

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    hey nice sketches!Post some more!

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