Hello Concept Art!

We are an indie game development start-up from the Dark Continent looking for a talented concept artist to help with our pre-production process for a game we are making.

Ideal candidates would be able to work in various styles and those looking to increase their portfolios.

We require assistance with the following as a start:

Define visual style and art direction via
  1. 3 spacecraft concepts
  2. 3 interior designs of the bridge for the above spacecraft concepts
  3. Reference sheets for the exteriors from which the models can be made (front, side, top, back)

More detailed brief after accepting NDA.

Please include portfolio links (no attachments please) and rates. Budget is negotiable. Payment will be made via Paypal.

Work to commence as soon as possible.

Please email submissions to BlazingGriffinGames (at) gmail.com

Kind regards

the Blazing Griffin