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    A coffee cup and a fake apple!

    I do a large amount of practice in the mornings before I go to work, forty minutes to an hour. That way if something comes up in the evening and I don't get to draw, I still have some work under my belt. These are the products of that effort.

    A cup!

    Used a desk lamp as light.
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    A fake apple, and my eyes.

    Positioned the apple on my window ledge, which gave it some pretty soft shadows. I also noticed the darkest part of the shadow was shaded in a direction that didn't follow the shape of the apple, now it looks like a huge dent.

    My eyes.

    I sat about six inches from a mirror in my room and just started drawing them eyes, First time in over 2 years.
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    A little bit at a time.

    The same fake apple, but a week prior.

    Went to Hobby Lobby, bought some B and 4B lead, hung out on my balcony and began drawing

    I tried a new thing where I sanded my lead to an angle to achieve a more interesting line. I think it worked out pretty good.
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    The same cup, but laying on my bed.

    My back had been killing me in the last couple days, which made it hard for me to find a comfortable position to draw in. So, I was left with tossing that cup on my bed and propping my back against the wall.
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    After typing that out, I realized you probably didn't need to know that.

    Well, now you do.

    Sorry, if this doesn't make sense. I'm very tired.

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    You are doin some good studies Keep your gestures simple, they look best when do simple & confident lines

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    Matija Vuk – Thanks! I've really trying to work on that.

    Tim Murphy – Yeah your right, I sometimes get in the habit of abandoning a sketch after the first 15 seconds if I don't feel like its going where I want it to. I really need to break that :|

    Starting off with a clown painting hanging in my room, ignore the creepy face, I was just focusing in figure. I'm going to try it again tonight.
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    Oh man! Talk about being out of your element! I decided to go to the library and try to sneak some gesture drawings, they are pretty horrible, but I'm ok with that, because I was very uncomfortable doing it, but I'm excited to do it again next week!
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    Also, that same ol' apple.
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    Chicken scratches.
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