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    Interocular Migraine

    So today I had an awful experience. I havent come here looking for sympathy, or closure, or help. I have come here out of curiosity concerning my bad experience.
    I had today what I am informed is known as an interocular migraine. My vision became utterly disjointed and warped, and I was unable to focus. This lasted for 20 minutes, then faded and was replaced by an hour long splitting headache. I have since been checked out, and am in good health. I just wondered if anyone had any similar stories to share (they say misery loves company)
    Well? Anyone?
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    I get them frequently, although with slightly different symptoms.

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    Yeah I get those. Starts we me either losing my depth perception and my body going numb or a pulsing blob in my vision that grows until half my sight is gone. They run in my family. My poor uncle's last for days and are so bad he can't even remember his name.

    Two things that might help: Advil super duper strength migrane pills. Take them the instant you feel symptoms.
    Also for some reason forcing myself to vomit during the splitting headache phase makes it go away. Might sound gross/weird but when the alternative is drill-in-the-eye pain you want to try anything to make it stop.

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    I get something likewise though in my case it feels like someone is sticking needles right into my scalp on both sides of my head, around my ears and on my forehead. They come in pulses and whenever they reach a peak, my vision gets a bit blurry.

    Logically, because my headaches are most of the time related to my vision. I have a tiny bit of difference in visual sharpness between my right and left eye. I don't notice a thing of it in my everyday life, but after a while of focussing on say, a drawing, I can get a seemingly random but horrible headache. It's simply because my eyes are constantly accommodating to eachother, using tiny muscles that then cramp up every now and then. I have glasses but I can't help but hate wearing them.

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    My wife gets those, too. She was referred at one point to a neurologist, but never made the time to go... They're infrequent, and she also gets nausea and vomits. At one point in the US, she had some prescriptions pills, she'd take one at the onset and it'd pass. We think it has to do with a vitamin imbalance or some such. Taking vitamin pills on a daily basis help.

    My wife's a bit of a masochist, though, so she just takes the pain now, no pills or anything. She also doesn't use novacaine when she gets cavities, or any pain medication when giving birth. She says it's better than having medicine wear off hours later and pain starting all of a sudden. I just nod my head and smile.

    Main thing is, tell your doctor.

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    I get these. They start as a little spinning cluster in the corner of my vision, then open up into a horse-shoe-shaped, curvy zig-zag line, but rarely (although sometimes) develop into a bad headache.

    In my case, I think they're triggered by a release from tension. If I've been stressing about something and the problem gets resolved, it's a pretty safe bet that within the next few days I'll get one of these headaches.

    When they happen, I take a pain-killer and try to physically relax. It passes eventually, even if it is a darned nuisance while it's happening. You should definitely see a doctor, though. Migraines can be triggered by an intolerance to a food group, and if you know what causes them, they're easier to avoid or deal with.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mordus View Post
    I just wondered if anyone had any similar stories to share (they say misery loves company)
    Well? Anyone?
    Oh my god, I was just reminded of this:

    But anyway... >_>

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    Hi Mordus. I used to get migraines 3 or 4 times a week that would start as crawly worms of light appearing in my vision, then progress to balance problems, confusion, and tunnel vision (which is more scary than you can believe when you are driving down the freeway.)

    So, I got fed up with it and did a crap load of research, and found that migraines are often triggered by what you eat. So began my quest to find out what my trigger was.

    My main trigger is MSG. I haven't knowingly eaten MSG for 3 years now, and I haven't had one migraine as bad as I used to. ( I still get headaches once in a while, and sometimes the lightning worms, but not very often.)

    And here's the bad part, MSG is in almost everything, and has about 200 different synonyms!

    So, my advice is to stop eating, or drinking one thing at a time for about a week at a time, and figure out if something you eat is your trigger.

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