Hey guys, this is the perfect opportunity to get your name out there. Im currently in the process of publishing a comic book. Funding has already been established for the actual publishing and also depending if I have the product ready, we will unveil the first issue during Megacon 2010 in Orlando Florida.

I need someone with the mindset and if preferably within driving distance. I will pay either $100 per standard industry size issue or $300 for the Graphic Novel about 3 issues worth. Im also hiring a cover artist.

I know its not a lot however if the idea is to get our name out there and this is only 1 from 4 books we intend to publish.

I can be reached directly at matchesmalone@yahoo.com, this is a great opportunity to showcase your talent, there are thousands of industry professionals at Megacon each year and I intend on using a portion of the run to submit to comic book companies.