So, I am looking to do a masters degree when I'm finished with my BA, but I'm unsure as to where i want to study. I'm currently living and studying in London, but I'm looking towards the US, however, I have little knowledge of American schools and how they structure their education. I basically want an oppurtunity to increase and strengthen my skillset and gain more experience and confidence before I start working. Also, I'm still young and don't want to settle into a job too soon, better to go out and see new places and meet new people while I still have that degree of freedom.

San Fransisco and New York seem to be the most interesting cities for me, and I might have a job oppurtunity in NY that would help me pay the bills. However, SF looks great, a lot of art and culture events that fit my tastes and I have a friend who is also wanting to go there for a Master. I find that having someone you know around helps with motivation, allthough I don't have problems getting to know people either.

My question is this, what are the best schools for graphic design or similar studies in NY and SF, which do you recommend? If any of you have done a MA in a related field I'd love to get some tips.