I am aware that many art students are actively seeking financial aid so that they can continue to pursue the vocation they love at their universities or art schools. I stumbled upon this scholarship a few days ago, and though it only has a few days left, I thought I would share it here.

It is an essay based scholarship and you will be writing about how you would seek alternative methods of healing were you diagnosed with cancer. The details are in the attached pdf file, which includes the entry form and other information.

The grand prize winner for this contest recieves $5000 so it is worth taking a few hours to pull something together.

(NOTE) IT IS NECESSARY TO POST YOUR ESSAY ON A PUBLICLY VIEWABLE WEBSITE AND THEN EMAIL THE LINK TO THE CONTEST ADDRESS. You will be allowed to post your essay on any website or blog until January 15. After that you will be limited to university websites or blogs ending in .edu

For those of you who wish to post in the next few days, go ahead and use this thread. I request the moderators to alert us if this would be against the rules of the forum, and I apologize in advance if it is.

Good luck guys, and I hope that someone from this site wins the cash!