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    I remember when I was around 12-13 I saw major improvement in my art. I believe it was because I was actively learning how to use my chosen medium. I'm a digital artist who appreciates Easy Paint Tool SAI, and as I learned it I saw improvement in every drawing. I went back to the basics of reflection and brought what I learned imitation and refined it with reflection and that also improved my art. I studied values, color theories and other things... I started to use photos of real life and photos of styles I aim/ed for.

    All of that really helped me, I think I should really look into the history of art. I never paid too much attention to it back in art class, but reading this thread I can see that it'll definitely benefit me. I'll also see about attempting the "quick study, quick study, long study" theory. I hope more people will post answers.. It's really helpful and refreshing.

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    had been a bit lazy on and off for a few years/ frustrated because of a temporary med issue...just some things i picked up along the way to get back on track.
    1) Know what direction you want to go or at least a very generalised one; plans always have room for era
    2) practice what you suck at; you will notice more improvement and progress at a faster rate
    3) study but also work from your head by recalling what you have studied wether on a whole or borrowing bits and pieces: helps your working knowledge of the basics and allows you to develope your own style in your work.
    (example: anatomy study from observation followed by your own drawing of a figure using what you have leartned from your study)
    4) keep track of your work and dont over observe: its easy to get in the habit of re-evaluating your work DONT DO THIS look at it once or twice and then put it aside but keep it filed away so months later when your work starts to look like crap to you look at your old work and realise the progress you made ( you will notice progress if you have been honestly pushing yourself.
    5) test yourself: doing the same thing over and over will only get you so far so throw in something that challenges you it will give you a reality check and push you to become a better artist.

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