Sketchbook: Yiako's 52 and a half weeks (48 weeks left)
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Thread: Yiako's 52 and a half weeks (48 weeks left)

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    Yiako's 52 and a half weeks (48 weeks left)

    Hi everybody!

    A brief note: This is my third SB here in CA, but for the first time I pretend... err, I WILL keep it updated regularly. Not for the sake of doing it, but as a reflect of hopefully (delete that) a HARD work over one entire year. Believe me, If I can keep focus and draw, and study, and draw over a long period of time, that just would be a success for me. After one year I will decide if there's really a chance, or not.

    I started to draw again in the last week of december, after years without doing it, apart of drawing scribbles and little figures while attending phone calls in work. I still feel numb, but I am slowly getting into the habit. That's the most important for now: just to get used to draw.

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