Hi there!

My name is Jack and I am currently trying to organise a good career plan. I have done 1 year of creative arts at college and 3 years at University doing digital and lens media (which covers photography, video and sound) which was recommended by my college tutor as he liked my photos. But after the second year my course began to deteriate as my tutors left the course and with not much to learn from (no work experience offered and no realy workshops), I have been left in a bit of a messy situation.

I have gone backwards and forwards trying to figure out what I am most capable of and to figure out what would benefit me most as a career choice. I have been focusing on freelance photography from live performance photography, band photo shoots and football conference photos, but it just does not pay well enough and I find it slightly unfullfilling. The competition out there I know is hugely great and to find a style of my own and profit from it seems far too difficult. And the fact I have no time or patience to manage my own buisness or company

Anyway long story short, I have always sketched (longer than I have been taking photographs) and i think its the skill that I probably should have gone to university to study and focus on. And I have always loved movies, games, music and everything creative and so I think both creativly and financially I would benefit from focusing on taking fine art classes and building up a portfolio to showcase my ideas and skills to potential employers!

I could also keep my photography and drawing freelance too as an additional sidejob but it would be fantastic to work in an environment full-time where I can exchange creative ideas and so forth. I draw everyday in my current job on paper anyway, might aswell take it up a notch and actually contricute it towards something

I wont be able to get any of my sketches up online yet as I need to get a new scanner but the link to my photographs are here if anyones interested in looking or giving me some advice?


Sorry for the rant, just any advice on what I should do next would be greatly appreciated!