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I am a digital illustrator, who has worked for ten years in the print/graphic industry. Due to an unfortunate cycle of events, my former employee experienced, I was let go because of budgetary constraints. It's not fun being unemployed, but it does allow me to focus my attentions towards my original goal of becoming a visual development artist (doing 2-d image creation for illustration-print or multimedia, concept design, production work -retouching, matte work, model texturing, etc, etc.). I have made efforts to refill my portfolio with such imagery that is relevant to this type of work. And I have already found work in this artistic discipline, where I have done matte painting, character concept illustrations, environment/background painting and 3-d texture painting. Currently, I am not allowed to display any of this imagery, due to NDA contracts, but as soon as I am allowed to, I will surely post it here.

So I have been working, but I would love to find a staff position with a company who needs someone like me. I am willing to relocate and do whatever I need to make that happen, so hopefully that company is out there. And, if there is a project that requires freelance work, I am more than willing to discuss any possibilities you may have...

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Thanks for taking the time out to read my post!!!!!!

Robert "Bobby" Steinman