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    Book for drawing faces // book for digital painting techniques


    I have two separate questions:

    • What would you suggest as a book for drawing/practicing faces? I have studied bodies with Bridgman, and I am practicing regularly with posemaniacs. This way, I do make progress. But I don't have a good book for faces. It should contain the basics, but also many examples which you can quickly draw for day to day training. It would be great to have a great variety of expressions and bot female and male faces. They should be apt to make quick sketches.
    • I've been learning how to paint digitally just through the use of this forum. I made some efforts, people commented, made overpaints, and this way I made progress. But is there maybe a good book (or maybe video lectures) to show some solid techniques, e.g. how good painters handle layers, what their steps are in making a painting etc? If you look at e.g. deviantart Tutorials, you'll find as many techniques as there are tutorials. Some start off with a well defined lineart, some scribble and color and define later. Some start with hard brushes and later smudge, others start with soft brushes and add edges later, etc. It would be good to have something to guide me here...

    Thanks in advance!

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    here's a link to loomis for the mechanics of the face. I don't know of a good book on focused on facial expressions. The way I taught myself was while watching tv I paused it when I saw ant interesting facial expression.

    For digital painting there are tuts offered here by Zhang Lu that look pretty good. Other than that keep an eye out for Imagine FX they have great tuts every month. The magazine is expensive as hell, but it's like an entire book on the subject in each issue.

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    this is a great one for facial expressions:

    The Artist's Complete Guide to Facial Expression: Gary Faigin

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    Youtube FZDSCHOOL for digital painting/concept art tutorials, I have found these really helpful.

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