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    Hello everyone,

    I am part of a small indie startup. I am looking for a concept artist for a game that has shown potential in the prototype stage.

    2.5D RTS game, viewed from the side instead of from the top. Player sets up planet defense to fend of waves of an invading alien force.

    I have been part of completed game projects as a freelancer for PC, iPhone, Wii. We have recently completed our first game as a startup that is currently being converted and extended for iPhone, PC, and PSP ( This project will be a realistic step up from that project.

    Art direction
    I love the style of Ashley Wood. I want to give the game a unique, oily paint look, I think it conveys the sense of war quite well. As a quick reference:

    I also love maschinen krieger. A blend of world war 2, and scifi elements. For the game visuals, it is my goal to communicate an unique sense of war as these designs do.

    The player is in charge of defending a planet. I want the planet to have a sense of tranquility and peace, while the invading force brings a sense of war and destruction.

    I am looking for an inspiring concept artist who conveys an unique sense of life and character in his concepts. I am looking for the fine balance between realistic war machinery and sci-fi. Recognizable, dirty, functional but different. It needs to be convincing, can't be over-the-top, flashy, or cliché. So no starcraft, or warhammer style. No clean, polished (star trek) look either.

    I want to start with some designs for the invading force. I have no preferred drawing style. It can be pencil sketch, colored, black and white, speed paint, mood paints, thumbnail series, whatever you are most comfortable with. But in the end, the goal is to establish a sense of character and culture for the alien race, and have a firm basis to create the 3D models from.

    Concept art for vehicle/vessel designs
    We won't have many vessels in the game, I am planning to make the game small, but high quality. All designs need to be instantly recognizable by the player, with a strong silhouette viewed from the side. At this point, I only need designs for the invading force vessels, and some rough sketches for the alien race:

    - Fighter ship; Think spitfire or zero in terms of behavior, elegant design. Quick attack vessel to pick off small light-armored vehicles and infantry.
    - Bomber ship: Think a-wing, independence day small alien vessel. drops bombs on armored targets.
    - Drone swarm: Small scout robot that is deployed by cruiser in high numbers. Something like the droid at the start of the empire strikes back.
    - Drop Pod: Deploys infantry on planet surface.
    - Titan, this will be a mix of an aircraft and a mech. Both a flying and a walking mode. Needs to feel armored, but slow, and not elegant.
    - Frigate, big flying battleship, highly armored, not elegant. Big cannons. Think Yamato battleship.
    - Cruiser/Carrier, deploys smaller vessels like the fighters, bombers, drones, titans.
    - Mothership, Biggest enemy, think Independence day...

    Almost all weaponry will be based on what is available today. So missiles, machine guns, cannons is good. Lasers, phasers, plasma rifles is bad.

    Concept art for aliens
    I have not established a look yet for the aliens. I want a couple of sketches. I prefer them to be humanoid. Not evil, but not cheery either. Not the "Doom" look with metal components inserted in their bodies, guts hanging out, or anything ridiculous like that. Just an alien race willing to bring a planet to its knees for not so obvious reasons. Tell me if you are not strong in organic design, and you prefer to just do the mechanical designs.

    - Pilot
    - Infantry unit/soldier

    I would like to complete the designs within two months.

    Compensation is negotiable, but needs to be fixed price (up to $500 USD). I use PayPal. My budget is limited, as I am funding this out of my own pocket. I am in a startup phase, trying to surround myself with talent. If I find the right person, I am determined to reward them for their effort, do my best to strengthen their business, and build a long term business relationship.

    You can reach me at: Don't PM, I don't check this forum often.

    In your mail:
    - Provide a link to your portfolio
    - How you want to approach the job
    - What products you will deliver
    - Fee for your work

    I prefer artist who are willing to do a small art test sketch of one of the vessels, but it is not mandatory.

    Thank you for the interest,


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