If you're an artist who likes to draw erotica from a sci-fi perspective and needs more exposure, we want your submmissions.

After the success of the publication Fantasy Erotic Art, The book's publisher ILEX is compiling artists for a book highlighting Sci-Fi Erotic Art.

All interested artists should send a single piece of artwork in order to be considered for inclusion.

In terms of content, the general rule of thumb for selecting images is (ideally) full colour and we should keep to “taste and decency” parameters ie, nipples OK, occasional female full frontal Ok, no penises, certainly no erections!
As well as pictures featuring the female form it would be good to get a little bit of space beefcake as well for the gay/female readership.

As ever with publishing art, the golden rules are:

1. The piece you submit must never have been published in another art book or the artist's published sketchbook.
2. It must have been created in the last 18 months.
3. You must own the publishing rights to the artwork.

Each artist will sign a document stating the above. We already have a template for this which we will send you. Without signing it we won't be able to include your artwork.

This is a great chance for prolonged exposure for upcoming and established artists alike. Along with the artwork you must attach a 150 word caption, ideally explaining your inspiration, methods and thoughts, plus a 500 word introduction.

The Format for the written pieces is as follows:

Creator(s) name(s)
Materials used (i.e. magic marker on bristol board, scanned in and coloured in Photoshop 7.0)
Commentary/Background information (Ideally from the artist, but could be from me with your permission) What were your inspirations, thoughts, and what was the creative process behind the art. Plus comments on the art style, composition and themes.

Separately, your 500 word intro. Who you are, your experience, your goals so on.

In exchange we will put your website and contact details (direct or agent) in the directory at the back of the book, so it becomes a catalogue for art directors and ad agencies. This has worked very well in the past and achieved many paying gigs for artists included in the books. Of course, you get a copy.

Specs: The images need to be 247mm on the shortest side and RGB TIFFs at 300dpi.

See the previous book Erotic Fantasy Art here: http://www.ilex-press.com/product/?pid=11345

For answering queries and to mail your submissions, email paulpeartsmith@gmail.com.