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    To Another World

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    I've got time to do some personal work for my portfolio during my break from school, so here's one of the results (more to come). I wanted to do some more traditional illustrations, so this one's in acrylics on board.

    I'm calling it done, but I'd love to hear any comments/crits you might have.

    Thanks for looking!

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    Some comments I have about your pic...
    1) I feel that there's a competing focus between the glowing door and the bright patch of green grass on it's right side...
    2) Kinda confused about the reflection of light on the water? ...
    3) The robe figure, even though they have a glowing wand/staff, they still kind of blend and get lost with the background...

    Other than that, loving the pic so far. It gives off a very magical feel.
    Keep up the good work.
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    This is really lovely Noah!

    The watercolor effect in the background, and soft color choices really give a nice dreamy effect. The little speckles of blue paint in the foreground are a nice touch. The tree bark, and brush strokes used for the plants are very nicely done as well. Not overly detailed, but nice variation and visual interest. The water in the foreground is quite nicely done, but looks a tiny bit higher on the left hand side of the image than it does on the right.

    I do feel that the interior of the door way is maybe just a tad too bright. (Although this monitor isn't calibrated, so you may want some second opinions on that.) It's really stealing my eyes attention, because it's such a huge spot of bright white. The doorway also looks a tiny bit out of perspective, or that it's not quite set *in* the tree, because of how the form of the tree appears in the upper left portion of the doorway.

    I'd also suggest that the patch of foliage in the foreground (where your signature is), may be a bit too uniformly dark in comparison to the rest of the image.

    The only other thing I can suggest, and this is a really tiny nitpick, is that the rocks in this image look a bit rushed and simple in comparison to the other elements. They just seem a bit flat / formless.

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    I agree with what's been said about the grass on the right of the glowing doorway as competing with it. Another competitor I see is the stark value contrast between the tree on the left, and the light background behind it. If you could put some vague, mid-value transitional foliage behind it, I think that would help to balance the piece and soften the area.

    By the way, brilliant and beautiful brushwork on the grass next to the tree. If you do decide to darken it, I hope you just glaze and don't try to repaint what's already there.

    But honestly you could probably fix everything you need to digitally, which it looks like you've already started (in order to get that door you'd have to have used acrylics that were a power source on their own!)

    *goes to unpack acrylics*

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    That's looking really nice, Noah! Color usage is really nice, specially those specks you have all over, the whole thing has a neat storybook quality. Cant add much to what's been said, other than I think the rocks could use some more care, give them the same treatment as everything else so that they aren't just flat gray slabs. On the whole this is lovely though.

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    The whole image looks really light (in a confusing way).

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