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Thread: A killer five week online workshop Massive Black, CA & the Illustration Academy

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    A killer five week online workshop Massive Black, CA & the Illustration Academy

    Over the past weeks we have been letting out hints of information on a new educational program aimed at providing artists with a complete educational experience geared toward legitimately creating success. This program, created by and The Illustration Academy is official.

    And soon, we will be giving more than a million dollars in scholarships to the upcoming Art Department program we have created. Those who take this course are going to have a leg up for those scholarships. This is the real deal.

    We are going to be sharing quite a lot of details in the coming days as we prepare an official announcement about the new school. In the meantime we have put together a comprehensive and wonderful five week program which can be had as a whole...or in parts. No matter your skill level, this program will open your eyes and your creative mind, and provide you with information you can use to better your work immediately.

    Almost every person going to art school is frustrated with the quality of education, with the lack of information, and with the price of it all. I was no different. Going to the Illustration Academy changed my entire life. It also ruined my belief that art school would be a place where I would find my dreams and all the information I needed in the same place.

    In order to illustrate the point we are about to make, we have decided to share what we at the Art Department believe are the core areas of focus that artists require to have success in the coming decade of art, and their career's. The program we have created is geared to all kinds of artists as the foundations are geared to create visual literacy and also reinforce the mindset required to build new ideas, hone your vision, and communicate what is in your mind, and of the deepest places of your heart.

    Whether it be the Fine Art of art for art's sake, or the creation of content for a client or buyer, the same knowledge applies. We are teaching how to think and how to create opportunity while honing your ability to visually communicate as if it were your first language. You are an artist. It is your first language. Hone it. Refine it. Express.

    The coming five weeks is a total overview on the grammar of art, on the foundations of image making, on the process of creating art through visual literacy. We are here to help you.

    The five weeks will consist of the following (with details to come tomorrow)
    a. Foundations and Visual Literacy
    b. Concept Art
    c. Illustration
    d. Fine Art Drawing and Painting
    e. Portfolio Reviews and participating companies.

    Those who attend this will have a leg up on their peers and competition, get insights into their own work, even if at the highest levels of their profession, and the information needed to spend the next four to six months really preparing to learn achieving growth through dedication and practice.

    Much thanks to John English and the Illustration Academy for seeing and believing in the ConceptArt.Org community. Without such belief our hope to see this become a true movement in art, would have less of a shot at true success.

    Already, when looking at all of art history, we have achievement. Never before has their been so much strong success in creation purely from imagination. What the concept artists have brought to the fields of illustration and Fine Art is something that is only now really coming to fruition. As a nod to those who helped us refine those gifts, and have always encouraged traditional and modern art knowledg, we must point to the New York Society of Illustrators. For within, are the guardians of art knowledge over the past century. With that information, the concept artists, and designers, have been able to use as the wellspring of knowledge. Now to put things into perspective, the Illustration Academy has more New York Society of Illustrators award winners than all other art schools combined.

    The old masters had been thrown away for the growth of modern art's sake. The great illustrators have worked with both and thrown none of it away. The path of independent success in many areas, whether it be film, games, Fine Art, photography and more have come from those very foundations. From that knowledge came major improvements in understanding for what artists must know to create from imagination, to create in any media, and find success in any artistic field. We are here to show much as we can and we very much hope that you will join us.

    We have put together some of the finest traditional painters in the representational movement, the worlds most celebrated illustrators, and many of the leading concept artists in the field to create this unique and unified curriculum. We very much hope that you will take time to learn and grow with us.

    Tuition information, times and schedules shall come in the morning.

    See you then!

    Jason Manley
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    Allright I'm totally pumped up for this! Can't wait to hear more

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    Well I'm still not sure exactly what this is in terms of format, but it definitely sounds promising! I have hope I have the money and time for it this semester.

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    I've been excited for this announcement. I can't wait to get moving on this!

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    Thanks Jason!

    Myself and all of The Illustration Academy faculty have been eagerly awaiting this announcement! I know this is just the first step and the beginning of some major things to come, but it is still very exciting!

    Thank you and all the individuals from Massive Black that are participating to make this happen.

    Very cool!


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    Sounds good to me. Waiting to hear more!

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    Oooo very exciting, can't wait to hear more details, I hope I can afford it!
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    Really intriguing that´s for sure! Hope to get the chance to join, seeing, as I have stated before, I am extremely goal-oriented to sign up for the upcoming CA school. So I am looking forward to more info on whats what, and how and when and, ect.

    Good job guys... again
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    I'll add in, I really hope the previous portfolio reviews will be available for these, I'd hate to have to pay for a 2nd when I haven't seen the 1st yet. The last estimate we heard was Jan 15th.

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    Definitely planning on participating in this. Though I really hope it's not during the school semester so I can devote my full attention to it.

    Great things are certainly in store for 2010!

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    *stares at the thread, waiting for information to spontaneously appear*
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    i guess we knew this was coming, but for it to be THIS near its like looking up to the sky and seeing a giant meteor blocking out the sun. What i mean to say is that this thing has just been promised for so long, it is so exciting to see that it nearly here.

    like the gabbo episode of the simpsons almost.
    But Enough rambling from me.

    Thank you jason for the information, i am keenly awaiting further details.

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    Oh god Ive no idea if this is possible for a greenhorn like me?!. im in my last year of highschool…last half year to be precise…ive got not much money at all, but this sounds just tooo good. seriously, Id be willing to quit school for this! haha, i hope thats not necessary? will this be a full-time programm? or is it also possible for a person that is, lets say, working or going to school like me?

    damn, Im excited!!
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