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Thread: Team Chow III :: TAROT :: Topics and Discussion Thread

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    Team Chow III :: TAROT :: Topics and Discussion Thread


    Hello boys and girls! Once again, we saved something special for team chow. This is a liiittle different then what we usually have going on, so please pay close attention!

    This month, Team Chow will be attempting to create it's very own Tarot Deck! For those of you who don't know what that is, it's a deck of cards very similar to the usual 4 suited deck, but with 22 extra cards called the 'major arcana'. The four suits are also different : Swords, Cups, Wands, and Pentacles/Coins. In the following post there will be a list of all the cards.

    For those of you who don't know much about it, please allow me to send you to a couple of sites to read up on it.

    Though often used as a form of divination, we'll be approaching it from a strictly design perspective. Each card is meant to tell a very particular tale (though this tale often depends on the reader) and has many symbols and meanings attached to it. The goal will be to do each card as a character-based (this is still chow) illustration to illuminate the meaning of the card. However, the specific meaning and the symbols will be up to you. We will, however, be following mostly to the Rider-Waite deck, with the exception that we will be using Princess instead of Page.

    If you have any more questions about the above, please feel free to ask.

    And here are the Rules ::

    1. Your team will choose TWO CARDS per person to illustrate. So, a 2 person team needs 4, a 4 person team 8, etc. This is the minimum requirement, you may choose more.
    2. You may only take major arcana for half your cards, please choose Lesser Arcana (The Suits) for at least half. Bonus points for those who do mostly Lesser Arcana!
    3. You will post your choices in this thread. I will allow 4 teams per card. First come, first serve. If we get all the cards covered by at least four teams each, I will then be open to letting you pick cards that are already full. We want to make sure to get a full deck!
    4. Please make sure that your files can be sized down to 9 cm by 15.5 cm (or 3.543 x 6.1 inches) at 300 dpi. I'm exploring the option of seeing if we can get it printed, so please make sure your work is print-quality, or please write "OPT OUT OF PRINT" when you submit your work so I know you're not interested in having your cards printed as part of your deck.
    5. PLEASE DO NOT START DRAWING UNTIL JANUARY FIRST! Right now is the time to get everyone's cards assigned and start brainstorming, but please don't start drawing as it's unfair for the other teams.
    6. That's it, Have Fun!

    Thanks, and Good Luck!

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