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    Man, I still suck at painting apples! Trying to hit these fundamentals some more.

    Trying the deathline btw.

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    Oct 2011
    keep going dude! ur work is awesome!

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    i like how you approach still lifes with big brush when possible, sometimes some of those apples seem little cloudy, like not really there? maybe it is gray or light values? the last apple does not show this problem so it is going better, also whats out for correct angles, the head of the bottle seems to be little off in perspective

    good stuff, more

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    focus_light Thanks!

    Nettle_Mountain Thanks for the support and advice!

    Been a while, still workin. Not sure where all this is going, but hey, why not!

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    I think maybe if I don't use the attachment manager I might post here more.

    Why did I use that anyway? Lol

    Here goes..

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    lama thing made ma day man ahaha

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    Creusa Haha glad you liked it.

    life drawins


    Master studies


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    Not around here too much these days, but still wanna update sometimes!

    This is a long journey, and I'm kinda lost but still wanderin.

    I dunno how to render for crap.

    Some of my first acrylics

    A lil' digi crap

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    Been a while, updates on my blog. I'm gonna keep updating this for posterity at least. We'll see where it goes I guess.

    Currently I'm just plowing through a perspective book and loomis for the figure. It's a nice way to have something concrete to study. Taking lots of notes and trying to really dig in to what I'm learning. More on what I'm up to soon!

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    More stuff, don't know what I'm doing! haha

    Hi xeon! :]

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    Hey Eekolite! Seems you changed your user name! Didn't know that was possible!
    Btw, how's your friend Marlee? Is she still doing art? LOL

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    Yeah, how is Marlee? she came onto CA, blazed so bright for a while, then vanished...
    watch the proportions - many of the things in the previous post are a bit too long.


    NaidyBlack SpotEyestrainVK

    “This is [...] where the anvils are made of graphite, the hammers are as true as rectangular marquee selections and the fires burn with the light of a thousand lensflares.” --Jason Rainville
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    Sorry for the long wait guys. I think Marlee is doing well, I see her post some things on facebook sometimes. I haven't talked to her a whole lot lately though either. Maybe she'll come back some day!

    Not a lot to show right now, trying to figure some stuff out. See you soon!(?)


    Guess there's a few things!

    Last edited by ErikHolfelder; January 28th, 2013 at 03:07 PM.
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    Great studies and crisp line work! Be sure to apply your studies by doing some stuff from your head afterwards, helps keeps the knowledge your learned in your head when you are forced to recall it and play with it. Keep up the good work!

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    Every once in a while I hit a huge wall and end up coming back here to look at my "progress". There's a lot of mixed feelings surrounding this place. Over the past few months I've discovered a lot about the kind of art I want to make, then a movement toward that art, then realizing that I still need to practice what I had been drawing before to really make progress anyway. It's strange to be able to see that mental sludge is the biggest factor holding you back, but it being just about the hardest thing in the world to overcome it.

    Well I haven't stopped, and that's about all that can be said!

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    Trying to be honest

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