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    Choosing the right Tablet.

    I am looking to purchase my first tablet. i never used a tablet before, but i have been drawing most of my life.
    can you give me tips or even recommend me the type of tablet that is good to start out with?


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    Since you never used a Tablet before, there is the possability you may not like it. Some artists just can't get used to the dissconnect element, espcailly if your used to the more tradtional way of doing art.

    I'd recomend the Wacom Bamboo Pen and Touch. Its only $99, so if you don't like it, it really won't be that much of a financial loss. It has 1024 levels of presure sensitivity and has a nice textured surface. Which makes it feel nice to work on, but it kills the nibs.

    They have a pen only model thats like $30 cheaper, but for whatever reason, it only has 512 levels of pressures. Although to be honest, you won't notice the difference. I've used 256 leveled Tablet PCs, 512 leveled Graphires and Bamboos, and 1024 leveled Intuos3 and Bamboo and I really can't tell the pressure difference between any of them.

    But if the Bamboo Pen and Touch works for you, that alone should be enough. But if you want a bigger active area, I'd pick up an Intuos4 Medium.

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    As stated in my old post:

    Choosing a right tablet to buy depends on personal preferences whether sizes or brands. It's all about getting comfortable without putting any hindrances on your drawing abilities. If you really want to, you could ask people who you know or your school to experiment with tablets and try them out before purchasing one.

    As for the size, may I suggest to get a medium sized tablet because it's not too small or too large for you to draw with for digital painting, which could be easy for you to start with. As for Intuos and Bamboo brands, there's not much differences between these two except for its prices, designs, and the sensitivity of pens.

    If you're going to buy a tablet, the best way to buy a decent tablet at a reasonable price is to go to your school's digital store (if there is one) because they do have some discounted prices on equipments available for students. That's how I got my Intuos medium-sized at 250 dollars instead of over 300 dollars and I use it a lot with no problems.

    Also, don't forget any paint shop or photoshop programs (if you haven't had any) so you can have something to draw in with your tablet.

    Hope all of it helped.


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    If you can try one out at a store do so, it's all about being comfortable in your strokes.
    Elbow room and sweeping motions is what I look for.

    Also, some tall people prefer the smalls, some short people prefer the bigs, hence it's all about comfort. Take your time and try if you can.

    I prefer the I2@6x8 than the I3@9x12 - I've yet to try the I4s.
    And don't forget to set the active tablet space relative to the monitor(s) you're using.
    I know of some people that never figured out why their perfect circles drawn on the tablet look like ellipses on screen.

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