i know how to make an animated gif cs4...
but i have yet found a way to add frames in a quick fashion...
i know how to convert frames from a movie file. no prob there.
but im talking about already ready jpg frames i have

my camera has a fantastic burst mode (takes rapid pictures). i want to use each pic as a frame.
i batch resize them to small animated gif size with another program(usually 500px or less wide).
my current method is to open each one (usually 40-80 frames) then select all. copy and paste each jpg onto the first jpg (frame) as a new layer then simply using the animation window making the layers into frames... but it takes forever to do so when its one by one.
is there a way to add jpgs into the animation, each as a frame.... or at least add many jpgs to become their own layer at once.... this is mind numbing.
thx in advance for any help offered.