Team ChoW III - Pirate Ship Lollipop
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Thread: Team ChoW III - Pirate Ship Lollipop

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    Raoul I tinkered a bit with your version. I think this one is a bit more dynamic and the awesome legs really seem to be running in this position. I rotated the torso as well to imply movement and I made the snake longer so that it is more readable. The pentacles on the snake were very distracting to me, so I got rid of them. What were you trying to convey with them? I hope you don't mind me changing it up a bit and please tell me any elements you dislike so that I can start painting soon.
    I was thinking a wet street scenario for the background, and fog of course to and maybe even some fumes coming form a sewer hole.
    How are the Lovers coming along?


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