Hey Painters!

Project #2 is deceptively simple: I want you to set up a still life that's white--with the exception of a single object that's basically a single color/hue. An example: a white wall in the background, a table/flat surface that's white (or has a white cloth on it), and a lemon, orange, or apple on the table.

Here's how I want you to approach it: Even though your painting setup basically looks "this and that" (white and your color), I don't want it to look like that. I want you to find interesting ways of making the color & temperature more subtle and complex than that. Pay attention to what's warm and cool in everything. Feel free to push those relationships a bit.

Even though this is a bit tricky, there's no reason that anyone without eyes can't do this. As a matter of fact, it's a great beginner AND refresher project to get you seeing into your colors & temperatures, beyond your value structure.

• 14x17-ish or slightly smaller.
• Oils
• One to several sittings, though very directly painted (no glazing)
• Light your setup in a way that you feel helps you see color & temperature differences. Low or high contrast is okay as long as you're able to pay attention to the colors & temps in the shadow areas, mid-tone areas, and highlight areas.
• Due Sunday, Jan 3rd (two weeks due to Holidays)

Post according to the guidelines in the Stickies--and post WiP's alsong with any comments or questions.

Now...go be sensitive!

Have a cool Yule and a groovy New Year!