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    Thanks Dan! Thats brilliant information, I guess I have a few more though.

    So is it that on your 2nd or 3rd year you'll all work together/in groups to create a playable game level? I guess if this is the case, you'll work closely with the programming students, but I'm not entirely sure lol. And that its mostly independent stuff in your 1st year like studies of life drawing and things?

    Oh and how does the course structure plan out through out the year? Like as in do you do different things every so often such as modeling for so long then maybe 2D work and get assessed at the end of it? And when are the computer labs open? Are they open like all day and you can go in when you want, like even on holidays? Finally (my last question) how does your timetable plan out? You know with like your lectures and things.

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    Ok here goes,

    @Saran09 - Yes we do unfortuantely have to use 3ds max. It's not so bad eventually, and the skills are transferable to other programs too. Oh and Cam's 3rd year work is AWESOME =)

    @LewRevolution - Year 1 and 2 visual design (2d) basically develops traditional art skills and works on fundamental art theory, with year 2 gradually going in the direction of digital painting and more conceptual work relating more specifically to industry work. In year 1, before christmas it's pretty much a fine art course (without the abstract nonsense) for the visual design module. Since christmas we have been doing some project related work, designing and producing concepts. This week i've actually made a sculpture of a head and shoulders which i was pretty happy with. Also after christmas there is life drawing every week.

    That's just the visual design part of the course, the other part of the course is the game production side (3d) every week we get a day in the labs where the tutor is available to provide tutorials and general help (failing that 3rd years are always around) The game production deadlines are longer than that of visual design and basically you just work your way up through projects from the beginning of the course getting more and more complex with deadlines varying from 2 weeks to a month. In year 1 you literally photograph things and model them, whereas year 2 requires some conceptual work to be produced to model things that don't exist. Also the group project appears in term 2 of year 2.

    It should be noted that game production and visual design run along side each other, in other words you will need to be working in 2d and 3d every day to meet the pretty short deadlines on this course.

    The 3rd year is an amalgamation of all your skills, and the visual design course becomes life drawing every week, and game production revolves around meeting industry briefs in term 1 and then the final major project takes over which is where you combine 2d and 3d to make a final in game asset/s (not 100% what final major is all about lol)

    There is no need to work with programmers, and it's not about making playable levels, it's just about the art . We use the unreal engine to check things work in engine, but it's pretty much it.

    Labs are open for most of the day, and at the end of term open later in the evening, they are also open for part or all of most holidays. As i don't personally use the labs, i don't really know the exact times!

    I can't speak for timetables of the 2nd and 3rd years, but i'm in mon, tues, weds and lectures tend to just fall into the general time alloted for each module.

    The most important thing to emphasize about this really is that if you want to succeed on this course, then you will have to be prepared to work ALOT. And from day 1 too. But as long as you have a passion for art and this course it shouldn't be a problem.

    There are just alot of first years each year who just don't commit and fall by the wayside. =(

    Hope that helps! =)

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    Hi all, I'm new here, I have applied for this course and have been given a conditional place. I am just wondering about the amount of written work, from what I heard when I was down at the interview it seemed that there was not a major emphasis of this in the course.

    I am only asking this because I have been given a conditional place at Abertay in Scotland aswell and have been told that the course requires dissertations and has an emphasis on writen work.


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    Hey guys) I wanna apply for the course next year as a overseas student, and i have some questions) Most of them were answered above, So i've got another one left:
    What about portfolio? What do i need to have in my portfolio? What do the tutors look for?

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    Anyone starting this Sep?

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