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    Ambient Lighting and Colour Temperature

    Well, amidst the drama this past week, I bring more questions. Hopefully this is the right time to do so, however. This time, it pertains to the secondary light sources.

    a) If ambience is the global lighting in a region, does that mean its strength is ultimately determined by the strength of the main lighting and any secondary light sources bouncing off a billion surfaces in an area? Does the amount of light/mid/dark values occupying a picture space indicate the level of ambience?

    b) How do people determine the hue of an ambient light? This is also tied into the question of where ambient lighting comes from. If a picture is predominantly a certain hue, can we automatically assume the ambience is that certain hue? I ask of this because the definition of ambience implies it's just light bouncing off a billion surfaces until it hits every plane. If it bounces off a billion things, what will the resulting hue be anyways?

    c) Not really ambience, but if the sky shoots down light at many many angles, can we assume any plane that remotely faces upwards will have a sky specular highlight (though some of the upward planes will reflect more than others)? This is, of course, not including other objects causing "disruption" or stronger light sources shrouding those areas.

    I hope these are worthwhile questions to ask and hopefully the questions will help people, more than just me.

    Thank you in advance.
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