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    Question Grip Pen vs AirBrush

    After acquired a wacom tablet intuos 3, now i need a tool. But i just learn the existence of 2 different types of pen: the Grip Pen (30€) and the Airbrush (50€).
    The Grip Pen is really necessary (and so Airbrush complementary) or the Airbrush can be used as an unique and comfortable tool ? The Airbrush has the functions of the Grip pen ?
    I can't buy both and i have to choose by tomorrow.

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    differences between grip pen and airbrush:
    -the grip pen has two buttons, the airbrush has one button only
    -the airbrush has an absolute wheel with 1024 levels; that means there is a start and an end (~45° rotation) so it is not like your mouse wheel which uses a relative system (no end).
    -you have probably seen the difference of shape between the two pointing devices.

    Now you need to know you cannot customize the airbrush wheel in Wacom driver, that means if the program does not use it, the wheel will be useless. Photoshop, Painter, illustrator use it anyway.

    Example of use:
    -In illustrator you can set the brush size to pressure and the wheel to...roundness which is not really useful.
    -In Photoshop, you can set the opacity to pressure and flow to wheel, or roundness to wheel or anything else. Some of these combinations can be useful as the airbrush gives to you another dynamic control.
    -In painter, you can set the opacity to pressure and the bleed to wheel which works nicely or anything else. As with photoshop, it is really customizable. By default, the Wacom airbrush is set to airbrush category so if you have also a grip pen, once you switch to Wacom airbrush, Painter switch also to airbrush category. But Painter can remember the last tool you set to your airbrush (sponge, flat brush, liquid ink....) till you restart the program anyway.

    Now, I prefer the grip pen for usual tasks, and since I am using the two buttons of grip pen (my config->button1: right click |button2: double click), the airbrush does not work so great with only one button. Think also about their respective shape for common use. The airbrush can avoid you to manually edit one setting in brush engine because of one more dynamic control (the wheel) but it is not indispensable, it is only a comfort.

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    Thank you very much hecartha !!! I chose the grip pen.

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