Marian Rowling-Hey Marian, thanks for keeping in touch. yeah, I practice fundamentals everyday! I think I have a better idea of where I want to be as an artist now. I'll check out your stuff soon!

GoGoJojo- Hey there! Thanks for checkin out my sketchbook. Hope you come back . I'll check your stuff out sometime!

Kungfoowiz- Thanks for checkin in kungfoowiz- I'm not sure why the stuff isn't showing. I'll go and check that out, I'll see your page in a bit!


Hey concept artz peoplez...

Here is some things I've been doing lately. I don't wanna go back to massive posts lol, but I have a lot of contemplating right now. Trying to think more professionally where I want to be. I've seen so many past illustrators works that have really opened up my eyes. I'll try and update regularly still though.

Here ya go:

experimental watercolor self portrait- need to get better at that! my sister, some still life studies, a lot of posemaniacs gestures 10,30 and 1 mins- trying out my new approach to gestures using my brush set. I'm unto something with this one folks! and the last thing is a mock advertising illustration project we had to do for business class. As you can see, I love experimenting with the invert colors in PS.

I'll update with some more practice sketches later.. there's too much to post right now.

peace and God bless!