Team Chow 3: Hot Magic!
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    Team Chow 3: Hot Magic!

    Hot Magic lives here! We are Liffey, Monika Gruszka, and skorpi! We may be open to a fourth member if you think your skill level would be a good fit for our team... just send one of us a pm if you're interested!

    Well I guess the first thing will be to decide our workflow. There are going to be up to 6 characters to draw... do you guys want to do 2 characters a piece, or do you want to collaborate on all of them? If we want to all collaborate then we'll have to choose who wants to focus on what part... I would probably be best at the drawing for the character, but I could paint too. Whatever you guys think is fine with me, and we can always come up with a more concrete game plan when we find out the theme.

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