[ALL]: Assignment #1: Master Copy for warm-up...
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Thread: [ALL]: Assignment #1: Master Copy for warm-up...

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    [ALL]: Assignment #1: Master Copy for warm-up...

    Hi, All!

    For the first assignment we're going to do a Master copy (also known as a pastiche). Fun & useful.

    The value of this is simple and direct: the many, many decisions that go into a good painting have been, for the most part, made for you by someone who knows *exactly* What the F88k They're Doing. Your job is to emulate that as closely as possible...and get inside the mind of a Master for a while. While you'll never know *exactly* what colors they used or the order they layered stuff up, you're challenged to make your best guesses to make it all add up right.

    (The other direct value is that you get to hang up an original, hand-painted version of a classic painting in your very own abode. If it turns out.)

    Here are the rules (!) on what kind of painting to use as your "model".:

    1. Naturalistic, non-abstract landscape or still life. Original was done in Oil

    2. Was obviously painted from life, alla prima or in a sitting or two. (No William Bailey or Poussin paintings that took months to execute or are full of glazing, etc!)

    3. Be as sensitive and specific as you are able.Try to match your master work as closely as possible in style, color, brushwork, and feeling--we are NOT being interprative, here.

    4. Keep it smallish (11x14 or smaller--but up to you).

    5. Due next Sunday, December 12th, anytime.

    6. Post in-progress pix if at all possible--it's very helpful for everyone!

    7. Post constructive thoughts and crits--at any time-- for as many other painters as possible!

    8. Try to get several sources of reference. Color repros are notoriously variable. Pick the one you think looks best.

    Have at it, and post any questions you have--maybe someone else has the same question.


    p.s. Link to this Workshop's general format: http://www.conceptart.org/forums/sho...d.php?t=175735

    p.p.s. As an example: Here's a Corot painting I did a copy of, back in my college days, for a very similar assignment:

    Jean-Baptiste-Camille Corot. The Colosseum Seen through the Arcades of the Basilica of Constantine. 1825. Oil on canvas. 23 x 35 cm. Louvre, Paris, Fran

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