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    Icon ALL] PLEASE READ! (Really!) Format for the Painting Workshop...

    Hi, Everyone--

    Now it's time to paint! It's been a while in coming, but I wanted to address--in very specific and concrete terms--not only the various materials involved, but the "why" of my choices.

    All painting assignments are open to anyone of any skill level at all. Essentially, this workshop will be non-linear; people can pop in and out of this forum at any time and choose the assignments they like.

    I only have several basic, commonsense pre-requisites: be hardworking and serious, be open minded and flexible, take constructive crits from me & others in the helpful manner intended. Post your work along with any thoughts or comments about it. Make sure you post crits and thoughts on other people's work. Not only will people be more likely to crit your stuff, but it helps build our Community.

    And that's very important: POST!!!

    I want this to be a vibrant, fun, and informative forum for everyone involved. Having some community is an incredibly useful thing for any artist (and I'm quite the, there.)

    Here's the plan: There's a one-week deadline for each assignment/topic. People respect a deadline (myself included), and it keeps things from being uselessly open-ended. Make a SiNGLE post for yourself within the assignment post, and update it when/if necessary. If you are responding to a post/critting please make it clear exactly what you're responding to and use the "quote function" where it's appropriate, but DO NOT GRAB ENTIRE POSTS TO RESPOND TO...TAKE THE 5 SECONDS IT REQUIRES TO FERRET OUT THE APPLICABLE QUOTE. When posting your finals to your threads, do your best to make the photo(s) as close to your real painting as possible; a proper crit involving, among other things, color and value will be much more useful when it's based on a faithful photograph. One or two close-up details would also be a BiG help.

    After a deadline, while I absolutely encourage additional and ongoing discussions of the works posted (I won't lock/close threads), I'll be primarily focusing on the next thread. I'll check back when I can, though.

    Obviously, you'll post your "final" painting...and I strongly encourage everyone to post several In-Progress images as well. (Even if you think it sucks at that point, or you hate it, or you're lost.) Painting (among many other important things) is about the process and mechanics of actually creating a physical object using our various materials. I can't tell you how many books, lectures, shows, etc manage to *completely* ignore the bedrock issues of process and effective mark-making. Showing your process is vital in helping teach others (and getting better, more specific crits!).

    One last thing: if you like one out of every four or five paintings that you do, you're ahead of the game.

    Okay, now, go get all painty and...vibrant!

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