Sketchbook: Stuff done during lectures and more. (some nudity)
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Thread: Stuff done during lectures and more. (some nudity)

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    Stuff done during lectures and more. (some nudity)

    Hey everyone!

    Im a 22 year old guy from Sweden studying Industrial design atm.
    After beeing here admiring all the great art for a long time, i finally decided to show you some my own stuff.

    Most of these where done during some lectures at school (i do listen to the teatcher while im doing sketching them )
    Some of them are not finished since the lecture ended or i got bored with them.
    It also shows in some of the details, since i tend to cheat and dont work on some parts when i get bored and just want to finish it

    Hope you like it. Would love the critique and im happy to answer any questions you would have.

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