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Well, this guy Jeremy Geddes seems to manage the whole thing quite well. Originally from New Zealand (I think), now in Melbourne, and hopefully not too abstract for your taste. the difference between him and you is a lot of hard work, and not a loan that makes college affordable (Hint: Conceptart.org, the Gnomonworshop, and others offer a lot of rather cheap training material, in addition to innumerable books and articles on all a good chunk of the related topics).

That you can't get a loan to study exactly what you want in a college environment should not stop you.

There is more to non-figurative work than than just expensive useless stuff, just look at graphic design and typography (for a start). That are topics that can be useful for your figurative work (for your texture work and also in a more abstract way), as well as for your life in general as books and websites allow for a lot learning to happen to you without being bound to a school or college with teacher type individuals to feed you everything.
oh god jeremy geddes! he had a small exhibition in hong kong last month, along with ashley wood. was super awesome.