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    Quote Originally Posted by _Mario View Post
    Well, this guy Jeremy Geddes seems to manage the whole thing quite well. Originally from New Zealand (I think), now in Melbourne, and hopefully not too abstract for your taste. the difference between him and you is a lot of hard work, and not a loan that makes college affordable (Hint:, the Gnomonworshop, and others offer a lot of rather cheap training material, in addition to innumerable books and articles on all a good chunk of the related topics).

    That you can't get a loan to study exactly what you want in a college environment should not stop you.

    There is more to non-figurative work than than just expensive useless stuff, just look at graphic design and typography (for a start). That are topics that can be useful for your figurative work (for your texture work and also in a more abstract way), as well as for your life in general as books and websites allow for a lot learning to happen to you without being bound to a school or college with teacher type individuals to feed you everything.
    oh god jeremy geddes! he had a small exhibition in hong kong last month, along with ashley wood. was super awesome.
    Quote Originally Posted by OmenSpirits View Post
    (on the topic of ART) She's a demanding bitch that wants ALL your time and gets angry and pulls away if you even LOOK at another creative endeavor! "What, I'm not GOOD enough for you now? hm? well guess what, BAM! now try to draw without me, ya bastard!"

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    Quote Originally Posted by DazDaryl View Post

    Just look at how many people out there dog the art scene because of the prevelance of abstractism and we suffer because of it.
    How do we suffer from it?

    I don't know what it's like in Australia, but there are so many galleries around that take a wide array of art. You may not make it as a big name in New York, but you can have great success painting what you want if you just make sure you search for people and galleries with the same interests as you. It just takes a little looking.

    No one else's art is really having anything to do with your own success.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dazdaryl View Post
    watch yourself idiot,
    bwahaaaaahaaaaaaaa haaaaaaaaaaah!!!! Lol!!! Roflcopter!!!!1!111

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    Edit: It's probably fair to note that several times in this post I say things such as "art is _____". Please note that this, obviously, is personal opinion and so far as you are concerned, I might as well be from the planet Teegeeack.

    The term..."artist", is not a fancy title. It is not a goal, it isn't a label anyone here should be concerned about in any way, shape, or form. It is, by incredibly simple definition, someone who practices "art". Which I think we can all agree, is up for a lot of interpretation.

    This may just be my definition of the word, but I would share it with the community for any who are interested.

    Anyone can call themselves an artist. Most everyone in the world has the capacity for creativity, and the ego to proclaim themselves as whatever they want. It is, however, as with most everything else -based singularly on their opinion or interpretation of the term.

    It is a term, it isn't anything to worry about, and it is NOT something you should be trying to "achieve" in life. I can't stop anyone from calling whatever they want, whatever they want...but in truth, whether or not anyone thinks you're an artist, a great artist, or full of crap, it matters not.

    In my opinion, what makes someone an artist is much more than their artwork. Maybe it's completely and utterly asinine, but there are some people who can produce AMAZING artwork, of mindblowing quality. But I do not consider them artists, because of the way they live their lives.

    An artist to me, is more than someone who doodles or paints, it is more than what you produce on paper for the sake of appealing to the senses. What makes one an artist, is how they live their lives, and in what they decide to do every single day.

    The handling of a difficult moment in life with a friend, how you treat your girlfriend, the way you carry yourself while walking around Wal-Mart, the way you control your emotions, and how you deal with your own failures. Depending on how you do it, it can almost all be an art form in and of itself. How you choose your words when you're in an argument, how you avoid certain topics and approach situations with your family members to try and maintain a sense of "peace" in the household - it's practically a dance, a very delicate balance that takes effort, practice, control, and experience to maintain. Just like what we usually call "art".

    Art, and I suppose you could say it's similar to religion. To say one is "religious", can be completely and utterly different from saying they're a good person. Similarly, one can easily be labeled an "artist" when the ONLY decent thing about them, is their paintings. Hardly beautiful, and hardly worth worrying about.

    Personally, I care not whether people define me as an artist. I don't even really care if I'm able to refer to myself as such. It doesn't matter how many people respond to your posts, it doesn't matter how much money you're making, it doesn't matter how talented you are or aren't, it doesn't matter if every single painting you post gets criticized beyond reason, or that the people whose art is frequently displayed in museums makes no sense. And while I would like to do what I do as a career one day, and be acknowledged as a talented artist and a powerful force in the artistic community - even that, really, does not matter. It won't stop me regardless. All I want is to be able to put my various talents to use in some way as to make my wife happy, so that at the end of my lifetime I know they were not wasted.

    Maybe that makes me an artist. Maybe it doesn't. Maybe my defining an artist with all of the above, and striving to be that, makes me completely and utterly hypocritical as per the opening statement to this post. I'd like to think that I can safely call myself an artist without being hanged by an angry mob of city folk, but if I can't that's ok. And if some jerk who spreads feces on a canvas prior to painting over it with splatter marks wants to call himself the best artist in the world because he's reaching multiple senses, that's fine. Because the title isn't my goal, and it never should be.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DazDaryl View Post
    Ok so this is a bit of a rant but here goes....

    Nothing shits me more than people who want to call themselves artists, but they cant draw or create anything at a reasonable enough standard that no one gives a damn wether its unique or not.

    Like people who cant get their proportions right that want to think themselves great artists, great idiots I say; tell these people they're stuff is rubbish and that 2hours of practice a week doesn't cut the mustard and they give you and the cold shoulder like theres something wrong with what you said.

    Guess what, real Artists dont give a damn if you tell them they suck, why? because they dont need someone else to verify their Artistic existence, their artwork speaks for itself, so if you feel upset in some way by criticism then the chances are your not an Artist.

    And theres heaps of them out there; most of the stuff in art galleries out there seems to exist sourly to test my gag reflex.

    I'm far from the best artist and but usually the first to admit i have a couple years of solid practice before I can truely be an Artist with a capital A.

    I wish someone would just throw all that Modernist, Abstract, Proportionless, Perspectiveless, Compositionless junk in a dumpster and burn it.

    The truth of the matter is, no matter how much rubbish these hobbiests throw at us, no matter how much they corrupt our educational institutions telling people they can be Artists without practicing the fundamentals they never will be and should they be then the word would have lost all meaning.

    Saying that you can be an Artist without understanding form, emotion, perspective, tone or composition, is like saying you can be a doctor without practicing medicine.

    If the idea of someone telling you your not an artist offends you; your not an artist. Your art should do all the complimenting you need, until then your just practicing.

    If you told an plumber hes not a plumber after he's spent a day fixing taps and pipes, he wouldn't be offended, he'd just think your an idiot.

    Saying your an artist because you spent a few days drawing pictures, taking photos or using a computer program, is like saying your an explorer, a mountaineer, a baker and a travelling merchant for walking up a hill to the shops to buy a loaf of bread.

    If you dont agree with what I'm saying then I dont care, after all, I'm a public speaker, a novelist, an international author, a politician, a philosopher and a website designer just for writing this message.

    I gotta get back to practice.
    Cut your hair. You'll feel smarter afterwards.



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    Quote Originally Posted by zwarrior View Post
    Armonah, you're right but doesnt mean one cant be considered either a great artist or a terrible one
    That's the point I was trying to make, actually Calling yourself an 'artist' doesn't automatically mean you're good. If you refuse to call yourself an artist until you've met some arbitrary standard, well, each to their own I guess. It's good to have goals, but do you really have to set yourself one that makes you annoyed at the people around you, even after you've reached it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Marko Djurdjevic View Post
    Cut your hair. You'll feel smarter afterwards.


    You see what you are doing Daz!? Its people like you that give the rest of us long-haired people a bad name!

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    Artist is a romantic tag. As soon as I felt like I sort of knew what I was doing I became embarrassed every time someone referred to me as an artist. Call me anything, but late for dinner, but don't weigh me down with the artist title.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Elwell View Post
    He does it because he has some strange Attentive compulsion to wind you up and it works, usually he gets himself into more trouble than its worth...
    well actually I was just trying to do a cheeky joke to break up some of the tension and extensive paragraphs going on in this thread but apparently it had the opposite effect. Can someone look up the definition of "irony" for me?
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    Daz, weren't you the guy who made that "Hail Satan" thread? And now you've made a "abstract art isn't art" thread?

    For a sorcerer, you have a remarkably low charisma modifier.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jake Kobrin View Post
    thread ist krieg
    This thread needs :Wumpscut: as theme music.
    "Twisted by the dark side, young Artist has become. The boy you trained, gone he is... consumed by Deviantart."
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    So Daz, one minute you say you are not serious and that you are trolling, which basically should set you up for at least a ban from the lounge.

    And then the next post is the same ridicolous yapping that people doing art that doesn't fit your short list of criteria are hurting art in some way, by reducing the focus on traditional skills.

    So basically, you're trying to rationalize your opinions by claiming you don't have them, only to wait a few hours and then state the same opinions with the type of indignation that just can't be faked.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kab View Post
    So Daz, one minute you say you are not serious and that you are trolling
    Self-Proclaimed "Artists" who done practice or do any good work

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    Quote Originally Posted by Elwell View Post
    Also, note that people who are actual producers of X, rather than consumers, are almost always uninterested in definitions of what is and isn't X, and are usually consumers of A through Z.
    I was having an interesting discussion today which reminded me of that.

    "It's not that I don't agree, it's that I don't CARE. This is a problem that solves itself; they'll either drop out, or they'll actually start to learn something, or they'll manage to bullshit their way through to graduation and then never be heard from again"
    but what if that problem doesn't solve itself? In fact what if that problem grows and becomes a modern definition of X or even the entire alphabet?

    We dont have to CARE for as long as it doesnt affect us, but what if it grows to a point that it does? Because we are not the producers of X, yet that's what is in demand. And we only have a choice to either also start making X just to make a living, or continue to make our different letter, but watch it fail compare to how well X is doing. And we should be disappointed because X sucks and should not be tolerated.

    A healthy Industry is something that has room for all the alphabet, some letters are more popular than others because everyone has preferences, but an industry will crash and burn if one letter grows too large and takes over. Especially if its X, because to me, X is not just a different genre, but a disease, corruption, problem, X = a work that wont pass the test of time, because it lacks quality.

    This analogy might be confusing so I should follow with examples:

    The game industry crashed before Nintendo, because companies were only churning out quick-cash crap.

    The comicbook industry is not as huge and profitable as it used to be. Same with the American 2D Animation industry. because, i think, both of these industries were defined by 3 companies(Marvel/DC, Disney). And if those companies arent as great as they were before, neither is the industry.

    Did you know Tom York gave both Kanye West and Miley Cirus the cold shoulder when they wanted to talk to him? Its a bit rude but I cant blame him, because they are a part of the Music industry's X, and lately that letter has been getting way more airtime in media. X is in more demand than Radiohead.

    Its a matter of taste by the (ignorant) consumers, sure. But we are not the consumers, we are part of the alphabet and we would cheer X on, even if its not our own, but like I said, X doesnt care for quality in itself, so we should hate it.

    Also I think we already know this, but I have to stress it out: An industry (the whole alphabet) depends on the money of the ignorant mainstream (the only supporters of X because they dont know any better) to flourish, but an industry will only survive for decades because of the hardcore critics and makers who take it seriously, and they all hate X, because if we all supported X, the industry will burn the moment people realize how much X sucks.
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