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    Quote Originally Posted by Carnifex View Post
    that pic is strange in the way it makes me want to feel for my own tongue when i look at it.
    also, arstits = concept artists?
    Well, we (and by "we" l mean mean myself) do enjoy drawing arse and tits...

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    so general population then.

    Sketchbooks of inspiration:
    Marc Taro|Maxetormer|ZhuZhu|Jeri|Dobu]

    Always think about:
    lighting! design! perspective! proportion!
    And (self)motivation is still everything.

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    You know what's so wonderful about art?
    Everyone can use it to express his thoughts and feelings.

    And since the world is so big, I don't mind how people take it. I only talk to them when they approach me and ask for my opinion, and when I meet the arrogant ones that do shit, I tell them so, but usually, my own expression is all that mattes.

    Quote Originally Posted by DazDaryl View Post
    Ok so this is a bit of a rant but here goes....

    Nothing shits me more than people who want to call themselves artists, but they cant draw or create anything at a reasonable enough standard that no one gives a damn wether its unique or not.

    Like people who cant get their proportions right that want to think themselves great artists, great idiots I say; tell these people they're stuff is rubbish and that 2hours of practice a week doesn't cut the mustard and they give you and the cold shoulder like theres something wrong with what you said.

    Guess what, real Artists dont give a damn if you tell them they suck, why? because they dont need someone else to verify their Artistic existence, their artwork speaks for itself, so if you feel upset in some way by criticism then the chances are your not an Artist.

    And theres heaps of them out there; most of the stuff in art galleries out there seems to exist sourly to test my gag reflex.

    I'm far from the best artist and but usually the first to admit i have a couple years of solid practice before I can truely be an Artist with a capital A.

    I wish someone would just throw all that Modernist, Abstract, Proportionless, Perspectiveless, Compositionless junk in a dumpster and burn it.

    The truth of the matter is, no matter how much rubbish these hobbiests throw at us, no matter how much they corrupt our educational institutions telling people they can be Artists without practicing the fundamentals they never will be and should they be then the word would have lost all meaning.

    Saying that you can be an Artist without understanding form, emotion, perspective, tone or composition, is like saying you can be a doctor without practicing medicine.

    If the idea of someone telling you your not an artist offends you; your not an artist. Your art should do all the complimenting you need, until then your just practicing.

    If you told an plumber hes not a plumber after he's spent a day fixing taps and pipes, he wouldn't be offended, he'd just think your an idiot.

    Saying your an artist because you spent a few days drawing pictures, taking photos or using a computer program, is like saying your an explorer, a mountaineer, a baker and a travelling merchant for walking up a hill to the shops to buy a loaf of bread.

    If you dont agree with what I'm saying then I dont care, after all, I'm a public speaker, a novelist, an international author, a politician, a philosopher and a website designer just for writing this message.

    I gotta get back to practice.

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    Alot of Australian gallery art annoys me, nothing I can do about it besides getting myself in one of those galleries for having made some amazing art.
    The Archibald prize here is amazing.
    I suppose there's nothing I can do besides doing art I like.

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    Hmm... I am a self-proclaimed artist because in order to proclaim it i need to be interested in doing art in the first place, skill can go suck itself for it will have no choice but to get better the more interested i am.... Skill is not impressive, it's robotic (assuming one is not braindead and is able to observe, learn, etc...which is innate to humans luckily). Robotic is not good either... I've even seen great artists so damn cooked up in their work designing packaging material that they don't even concider themselves artists anymore, they concider themselves 'graphic designers' when asked...poor sods.

    People who concider themselves artists just to look cool and without an actual hobby...these are the real hacks you should be raging against, not sucky artists who can't take criticism.

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    (excuse my horrible grammer)Picasso...was probably one of the best draftsmen in recent history, yet he saw something conceptual in what he was doing...and he followed that regardless of whether people would see it. Drawing and Painting are only a very small and limited selection of artistic expressions.

    Im not sayign you have to buy into it. All im saying is that it is very ignorant and shallow to lump everything you dislike into the category of being "self proclaimed" and/or lazy.

    the truth of the matter is that regardless of our opinions towards abstract, minimalist, simplistic, design-orient art...just as much time and effort often go into the piece. It serves a different demograph of people who's artistic values serve a different spectrum of creativity.

    Being able to draw and render isnt the end all or be all of art...heck not even illustration. And although i believe they are critical and important i think its silly to put boundaries and speculations on what it means to be an artist (especially when one of the major forces of artistic merit is the desire to break rules).

    Lastly...Fine Artists say the same things about us who prefer to work digitally and illustrators in general.
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    I think the phrase is "mere illustration."

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    Medicine is science... art can never be! So don't mess up things!

    Art for arts sake! GOsh... people this topic is needless....

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    What's needless is you necro-ing this thread.

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    This was such a kak thread. It does not deserve to be resurrected.

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