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    Reviews on George and Carl's Sketchbook Clinic. Plz post..or inquire


    I wanted to take a moment and see if you all would contribute some reviews for George and Carl's class. I want to collect as many of these as possible as we go along. Need everything I can to be sure people understand how much these guys are doing here...and that the classes are worth it.

    I sat in on the class the whole time as I need to do more notebook/sketchbook work myself, with art or without, and I found it informative and inspiring and seeing art I had never seen before kept it up on my screen too. One of the best classes so far if you ask me...biased maybe...honest..totally. I loved it.


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    Having the opportunity to witness the exceptional sketchbook artistry of past and present masters was fantastically inspiring but to also explore the wisdom and philosophy of George Pratt and Carl Dobsky was a genuine real added bonus too. For those of us in England, or similar silly backwater places where art teaching, knowledge and expertise is devoid of any real quality or vision(!) , these live streaming classes are not only a treat but truly essential for those of us who are serious about improving the quality of our art, the way we want to make our art - whether for the entertainment biusiness, the fine art world or just as a hobby.

    Constant practice is undoubtedly essential in order to improve but I believe one sure way of exhilarating the improvement in the quality of my own art, has been to change the way I think about art and learning. Live classes like this have provided me instant fuel for this since it affords me the opportunity to engage with gloriously rich, inspiring work while also having access to artistic minds that have been honed through years of artistic endeavour.

    Through George and Carl, we get real insight: we learn of the contextual history of the subject matter on view; we get to appreciate the rich artistic lineage that we ascend from and we we learn about the methods and philosophies of these forefathers like Grosz, Searl, Thony, Leyendecker, Cornwell and Rockwell; we hear of interesting and entertaining anecdotes (sometimes from those who were really there!) and more than that; we gain access to the thought processes that help make sense of why we need to immerse ourselves in sketchbook work and how that directly impacts upon our improvement as artists - in both technical and philosophical terms - regardless of our chosen art specialisms.

    Using the chat facility, you have a direct hot line to the masters - offering a great opportunity to pick at the brains of two genuine world class visionaries and practitioners and I feel that the more we can do this, the more rapid our artistic progress and development.

    Personally, I have been waiting 5 years for classes like this, since the first workshop in Amsterdam. The initial Conceptart workshops like those others in Austin, Berlin and San Francisco were rare pockets of sustenance for artists like me, living in a local world shrouded in artistic mediocrity.

    Thanks to Conceptart, we now kinda have Conceptart "workshops" that are like those first pioneering workshops, only way more frequent, of real affordable quality, seriously entertaining and can be enjoyed time and again for up to at least 30 days...and from the comfort of our duct tape resplendent armchairs! YAY!

    But I don't wanna be biased to just George and Karl's class since all of the classes have offered unforgettable and highly prized knowledge and insight. From, Jason and Coro's Art Of Composition through to Chris Hatala's Massive Black's Creating Dynamic Poses, and Gestures for Art and Animation and from Whit's Environment class through to Marshall Vandruff's Anatomy for Artists and Jason's and Co's Idea Development For Artists - they've all been invaluable in my mission to constantly improve my art.

    As I attend these live classes, I am also acutely aware of how, as a member of Conceptart, I am very fortunately seated at the forefront of an amazing art renaissance movement driven by a community that so obviously and genuinely believes in sharing art knowledge for the betterment of the art community as a whole. Jason and Co's courage, vision and investment in not only technology but in assembling an incredible rosta of instructors to facilitate this progress is tangible proof of this sharing ethos and only helps to reinforce and exhilarate the evolution of this movement and the growth of this vibrant community.

    I know that in the few short months that the live streaming classes have been running, I have been made to feel very welcome and have learnt a ton of stuff not only from the instructors but from the Moderators and other class attendees via the valuable and often hilarious chat facility. So yeah, thanks to all the numerous instructors whose classes I've enjoyed immeasurably: George P, Carl, Jason, Coro, Chris H, Whit, Android, Marshall, Sterling and class regulars like Yoitisi, Zack , LostFayth, Autumn and Faust too for helping to make the online streaming classes be an environment full of of collective curiosity, inspiration, instant sharing and hilarity!

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    Like I said in the other thread:

    Quote Originally Posted by LostFayth View Post
    Always been told to keep a sketchbook but not exactly sure how to use it to its full extend? Have trouble leaving your doodles and sketches and starting on a finished piece? Making precious drawings and illustrations in the sketchbook but the work outside the sketchbook look like cr*p?

    Than this is the class to take! Get all of these questions answered and see tons of sketchbook pages by George Pratt and other great artists. You'll get your moneys worth. And hey, it's for $45 right now, you'd be a fool to let this one slip trough!

    I enjoyed it and I got tons of valuable information out of this class and I know you will too. So it's your choice, spend $45 on a new pair of jeans or spend it on this class and obtain valuable information that will last a lifetime.

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    As one of the many artists disenchanted with an arts education, it's taken me several years to figure out the best way to approach learning. At 25, it's' frustrating to feel not only out classed and out of your depth, but also incapable of fulfilling other 'more lucrative' career options - not that you would want to anway.

    ConceptArt has been a true blessing. While the frustration still lingers, the tools for getting where you want to be are there. The generosity of the artists who've donated their time to making this site what it is is not a gift to be taken for granted.

    That being said, I've been fortunate enough to be able to attend Marshall Vandruff's Anatomy for Artists and Dobsky and Pratt Sketchbook clinic lectures. While these aren't your usual art school classes (whatever this may mean for you) or an Atelier level class, the information made available to you is invaluable. While you may not leave a master in your chosen subject matter, if you've learned how to learn, you will inevitably leave a little wiser with a new tool or two under your belt.

    The best part is the community itself. Not only do you have the wisdom of professionals willing to answer your questions and stay around long after the alotted time slot has ended, you have the knowledge and questions and information passed on from your peers and other attendees.

    I personally have found that these classes are most valuable in filling in some of those gaps left by institutionalized education. If you've got a few extra dollars laying around, this is definitely a worthwhile way to get value for money while giving back to an extremely deserving community.

    Many thanks to Jason and the gang for all of their hardwork making these resources available to artists.

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