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    Teen Challenge 75: -[Mascot Challenge]- Epic event! all join in!


    The Rules:
    1. No old work, sketches or WIP's, finished works made specificly for this weekly only!
    2. Be sure to focus on the topic (and try to be creative).
    3. Keep the size of your picture reasonable (about 1000 pix either direction) if you think it'll add to the composition, you can derivitate from this rule.
    4. Color and B&W are both allowed.

    Special Mascot Rules:
    1. Image size: no specific size, but take a look at the other weeklies and have your image around that.
    2. Lay-out: Is the artwork seperate from the banner? Is the piece a part of the banner, or is it the banner? Your pick!
    3. The banner must have space for the rules (posted above) to fit. (and be able to add more)

    The Topic: 'The Essence'

    Now, for this round i was thinking a lot about what the topic could be. And i just couldn't think up of the essence of the teen challenge (since we try to cover a lot of different topics). But i couldn't find something that would really please me, and then i realised it. If i would've found something, it would be what i think it is, but anyone could have an entirely different idea.

    So instead of you machine-ing an assignment I give you. I challenge you to think about what this is for you, what the essence of the teen challenge is, and uleash all your creativity on it.

    Goodluck! (and enjoy)

    1. (Not in order right now)
    2. Please use the attachment manager from now on, it helps preserve the images forever and beyond.
    3. Mark your final as final.

    The Deadline:
    Friday, 1 January, 4.5 weeks. make it count.
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