I hope I posted this to the right forum.
Was wondering how to improve my sculpting. I read somewhere in order to be good at sculpting anatomy you must be able to draw it. Is this really true? Ive been sculpting 6 years and am better at it.

My drawing is mediocre yet I spent yrs practicing and self studying from a few books. Hogarth was my bible and then I went on to Loomis and a few later drawing books I didnt see improvement from. I found "Brigman's complete guide" nearly useless. The faint sketches are hard to tell what body part youre looking at and his writing is so needlessly wordy and achaic I had to look up a new word nearly every sentance!

I hope to try an ecorche figure but , just looking at photos its an intimidating task. I bought Bruno Luchessi's book showing ecorche in stages but, no instructions with it. Do I need to go back and polish up my bone and muscle drawing before I can proceed? Will speed sculpting master studies be just as useful as sketching? I dont live near where I can go to an atlier so ,Im on my own. I could use some sound guidance.