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    NPlaxco - she's holding the bird out on her hand, it'll be clearer once it's not so loose, promise

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    nice subject

    my take
    "the Hispanic mechanic?"

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    Changed direction with the colours - not sure if I should feed in some blue somewhere?

    Might re details the borders if I get time.

    Compiled post on page 1
    Last edited by Venger; December 2nd, 2009 at 05:04 PM.

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    ... done?

    Wow. I really like this challenge. For seriously. It's turned out one of my best pieces, in my opinion, ever.

    Even though I consider this piece done, I'd love to get critique on what needs work. ^^

    Basic explanation: Feathers and talons represent her ability to shapeshift, as well as her symbol the carrion crow. Skulls and dying hands represent death and the battlefield, while her hair is full of yew and willow boughs, representing her tie to life. Simple stuff, really

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    Gawd.. I feel way too inferior to be able to give crit on the stuff going on here.

    Anyway, here is my little muck about: C&C always appreciated.

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    so uh...kinda embarrassing but how do you add images on posts? or how do you get the url?

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    Sweet topic......

    The WIP's are looking amazing - really cool interpretations of this crazy-ass chick.
    Pixeltuner – Awesome characters mate – love the dark interpretation….right up my alley! I like the one with the blood-drenched hand.....her hair is cool.
    Venger – love the combination of the two characters mate…..I guess that was the intention of CHOW Leaders…. Looks like a marketing poster for a wicked upcoming movie!! I’d go see it!
    Poshspice – Great interpretations of the Morrigan…..looking forward to seeing more!
    Deadhead16mb – Awesome character mate, reminds me of zombie's....yeh dont know why. Looking forward to the updates.
    Adam Schumpert – Great concept. I like the angle at which we are looking at her - she looks almighty.
    Artina – great pose. I’m liking the outfit
    Daestwen – way to go against the rules (re: not showing her face)! Cant wait to see the finished product. Her tatts are wicked.
    Random Stranger – I like where this looks like it is heading!! Sweet technique too.
    JessiBean – Great concept and composition. It looks like you havent finished the hands - guess thats why its called 'WIP'...

    Anyhoo - there are so many awesome characters - my spag-bol is going cold......
    And here's my first WIP. I'm not sure if i should go the feminine face or the crazy-demonic face - although I am partial to a crazy chick.
    Crits and comments most welcome.

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    CARRION: be carefull with anatomy she seems to have a russian-swimmer-muscled back.
    ACTONART: It seems a bit fuzy right now try out some clean lines that would prevent this blurry feeling. play with contrast as well to make the cleam lines tand out.
    JADERGADER: Nice one got some polishing to do with the skulls, continue
    VENGER: HMM very nice compositio, no crit to give, very good job.
    NO NAME BRAND: looks fine but she looks like a kid i mean her head might be a bit too small.
    POLEYMAN: this one can be funny her, however her torso bugs be (rib cage might be too long)
    JESSYBEAN: how could i crit your art... awesome lineart costume and colorchoice.
    KAILAAN: i like the way you go with the morrigan, nice natural stance.
    RANDOM STRANGER: this compo can really rock, looking forward to see more

    Taht's all for now
    I'm going to try something out of that.

    Edit: updated
    PXELSLAYER: Thanks a lot for the crit and yes the chaotic order is something perfectly understandable. Conserning your chow well waow that's beautifull.
    Last edited by Feil Magnus; December 2nd, 2009 at 10:02 AM.

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    Working on this case... She's not gonna stay naked.

    CHOW 182 :: The MORRIGAN

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    CC happy hour!

    @ Mark Tarrisse- Still rough around the edges, but I love the expression of sorrow on her face, and HAIRRRRR.....I have a hair fetish, ya know
    @ AvisNocturna - Kudos on the dress idea! Thing is, IMO, you don`t have to paint and shade each crow in there, just those flying out, and the rest could be a bunch of feathers (suggested through placed lights, w/o going too much into detail). Don`t do that to yourself - been there, done that...O_o...
    @ BlackDelphin - Keep going.
    @ Pixeltuner - you bear the proud name of Pixel, and really are measuring up to its expectations Love all the images, and all those choices.
    @ gerezon - Ka-Pow! Now that`s one angry looking godess!
    @ jspangler - Nice sketch, and if I may suggest, did you consider rotating her lower part of the body to your right and by doing so, making a curve (to add on dynamics)? Just a suggestion...
    @ DefiledVisions - Painterly! Expecting to see where it takes you as well!
    @ skorpi - Her right foot looks a bit displaced, and at this point maybe you should start thinking about the atmosphere/ambient lightning/mood. It makes a huuuuuuge difference, trust you me!
    @ SCF - Not paying attention to the hand Just be careful not to over-do the ambient and loose the focus on the actual character.
    @ blackcherry - Keep going. Nice axe btw, I imagine she has to be really, REALLY strong to pick it up. Oh wait, she`s a godess...:facepalm:
    @ Kristo Novo - proportions of her legs are a bit off, could you have another look at it?
    @ oddy - dress with a high slit, maybe? Her left leg exposed, right leg hidden with textile?
    @ Random Stranger - Very nice! I hope you can finish it, though, seems like there are lots of details in there...
    @ Kailaan - puuuuuurdy! Love the belt! Oooh, hair...
    @ JessiBean - You and I, my dear, have to talk. One libra to another. Expect a PM soon. I hate(envy) you. And I love what you are doing here. Damn...
    @ PowleyMan - Her left ribcage looks a bit too low...or is it just me?
    @ no_name_brand - Didn`t know what to think of it, but the more I look at it, the more I like it! MOAR hair...I`m in heaven!
    @ Venger - Like it, like it a lot!
    @ JaderGader - Like the render on her hands, but she pops out and is not quite in unison with the background. Intentional?
    @ ActonArt - I`m guessing this is your first chow (correct me if I`m wrong), so the best advice would be - stay with it! You`ll learn so much, just don`t get discouraged. Talking from experience here...
    @ Carrion - Nice sketch (love the hands), but her abdomen looks a bit elongated..or...Don`t know really, can`t put my finger on it. :/
    @ Feil Magnus - Like it, the chaotic "order", if that is making any sense.
    @ Windsrock - Still early to CC really, but could you put some more saturated colors on her skin, to make it pop?

    K, if I offended anyone, I`m really sorry. I`m not a professional, and all my comments are good-willed, so...

    Here`s mine so far. Taking it one step at a time, painting when I`m in the mood to do so, not stressing about it. Festina lente. Can you tell which one is Morrigan?

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    Venger: nice man - didnt expect to see the last chow incorporated, but i quite like it...
    kristo novo: looking forward to seeing this one - dynamic! not sure if her back should recede more like shes leaning back...
    deadhead: like the direction you're going in man, proper mythological
    Adam Schumpert: hardcore, hope you have time to crack it coz it should be cool
    Nutter: love it man
    artina: like the arms man - cant work out at this stage whether they are gonna be cloth or some ethereal organic shit, either way its cool tho
    daestwen: really like the lighting on the buttock crease - sexy
    Pixeltuner: i like the churning out of high quality stuff to try out ideas....dunno which one is best tho
    Avisnocturna: sweet and sexy
    kailaan: love the hippy boho look to this
    JaderGader: nice man, some good form there - maybe you should trying some different colours out in photoshop seeing as your finished and you've got time, be interesting to see what effect a different colour scheme would have on the overall feel

    didnt really have time to post WIPs in the last chow coz i left everything til the last minute - getting started a bit earlier this time which will gimme a chance to get more involved... better get this finished now ive said that :p

    bit of a generic crone at the mo i feel....might try and create some more morrigan specific stuff next...

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    JessiBean - Looking great. One thing leapt out at me: the rotation on the arm. The arm is directed away, but the bands indicate otherwise. Make sense?

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    strybjorn: creepy one, i like it
    PxelSlayer: just sweet work, one word comes to mind and its powerful!
    Venger: love your idea of mixing last weeks and i like the colors

    and im working on another idea, and going back to my comfort zone, working with lineart...

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    Matt_B - thanks for that tip, I see what you meant, I softened her face a little to take care of that.

    majortom - good point on those eyes, I fixed that up as well.

    updated on pg3

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    Artina - the morrigan wip 03

    hey everyone,
    Really impressive stuff so far. Thanks to those who have commented on my version of The Morrigan. This is the third wip. I skipped a couple and moved to the color version. But what I basically did before this was gave her a breast reduction, added detail to the arms/wings, added fallen soldiers and gloomy clouds. Any comments and crits are welcome.

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