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    DefiledVisions: Nooees - I liked the other one - had a 'dead marshes' feel to it. At least bring back the flute (as longs as its made from a femur

    Skorpi: It's a little over to the left a bit, you might want to extend your canvas top and bottom and that way can beef up the spear (it's a little plain)
    You could drop some saturation on the skin, make her pale perhaps.

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    My very basic initial sketch which I'm developing now.

    CHOW 182 :: The MORRIGAN

    Hope I manage to get this finished between work. Loving the topic, shame I couldn’t get in on the last one!

    Some comments:

    SCF: Like the colours. Really like her face so far too. Interesting scene too with the sword in the foreground.

    Skorpi: I like the pose you’re going for and I like her face. Somethings not working for me though, I think maybe the skin is too bright for the overall colour scheme of the scene? I’m not really sure :/ I also like the sky with the crows.

    Gerezon: nice start, love her expression!

    Pixeltuner: Like the dark gothic feel to your latest version. Though I really like the previous ones too.

    AvisNocturna: Great composition and detail in your initial sketch. Looking forward to see it developed!

    Mark Tarrisse: I like your choice of colours. I think she looks rather sombre though rather than evil war goddess. Interesting change though.

    Kristo Novo: In your latest post I think the bottom half of her body looks wrong. I think you should position the legs slightly differently to make the pose look more natural. The pose in your previous pose worked better.

    Adam Schumpert: Great scene. I think you’ve captured her well.

    Nutter: haha I see what you mean about Kiss! She looks cool though, very gothic!

    Pxelslayer: Love it! The wings are great. Can’t wait to see her finished!

    Defiledvisions: Nice start. I like both sketches. I think combining elements of each would work well. The figure in one is good and I like the scene in the second.

    Fersteger: Like how the scene’s developing. It’s got a dark eerie feel to it.

    MisterE: Really like your third design with her hand outstretched and crows in the background.

    Venger: Looks great! I like how you’ve combined both pieces into one big one.

    Matt_B: Love your beginning sketches, especially the one of her with the dying soldier and crow.

    Poshspice: Really like the third design which you're developing, definately the strongest one.

    Tommoy: Nice beginning. She looks sexy and eerie at the same time!

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    still looking for my direction....

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    Aaand the last one for today. Practice, practice. But it leads to choices, choices
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    Feedback time .

    SCF - It's early, but make sure to show more of the figure than her covered by a sword.

    Gerezon - Her pose is a bit awkward, you could go for more lanky, bring her and bent up and wrist bent down, unless she's clutching her dress, which makes my point moot.

    Avis Nocturna - Great sketch, for the dress of ravens, you could always make a raven scatter brush and shortcut that way.

    Update on mine, sorting out lighting, sitting on a crop of rock. Dani Duck, the boob is out to get you! the left one is out while the right is covered, maybe that's why it looked bigger. I'm 75% sure to cut out those birds on her hair and just do feathers unless someone can help with placement.

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    artina; she looks great! Really good pose, and design.


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    @ Reymus - Those wings in her hair could be used as a crown or head ornament. Maybe changing the position, IE the angle of them? As in, tilted forward or backward, or making it look as if it`s following the contour of her head( I`m really in lack of words here, but I hope you know what I mean). And also, if you think about it - why just one pair? And in one size? Eh?

    Will CC as soon as I catch some shut eye. Night, folks!

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    Attachment 843271

    (Damn, I clicked "quote" instead of edit D: )
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    I'm sorry.... double post again. meant to edit my first post... okay, I might as well do something useful with this:

    Mark Tarrisse: I like her pose and the mood of the picture right now... only her nose bothers me a bitt, but I think that will be gone when you add some more colour to it.,
    pixeltuner: I actually liked your first idea.. but you can never do enough
    gerezon: I like what you did with her hair. Maybe get some reference for her head, the features don't look quite right now.
    jspangler: Nice pose. Watch her arms, they're a bit thin right now and not quite attached to the body.
    defiled visions: I'm excited what you'll gonna do with this
    skorpi: I like the raven cape idea a lot.
    SCF: nice idea with that composition!
    blackcherry: the pose looks very cool, nice heroic angle! and thanks for the comment
    Kristo Novo: Ah, I like the idea with the raven behind her... Try some more
    Reymus: Well, that's an idea.. thank you! I like your sketch so far, the wings look pretty cool... Maybe add some darker areas at the bottom of the picture?

    I needed to go to bed some hours ago D:
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    wake up this morning... i realise earlier sketch wasnt much of chow thou i love the angle so much T_T.... now i come up with new idea...grrr got to find some way to paint her cloth without sacrifice her leg...

    comment and critique very much welcome .

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    Liking all the sketches and stufff in this thread, particularily Pixeltuners, will try to get some more detailed feedback tommorow, tired, need sleep.

    But here's my interpretation, the Morrigan, incorporating the oncoming ravens to a field of battle (with Cu Cucain down there tied to the rock) and the triumvirae of the maiden, the mother and the crone.

    Feedback very much appreciated!


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    Alright I'm posting this time maybe I'll actually finish it this way. Went pretty traditional with it.

    So many amazing pieces in here.

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    wiiiips... kinda slow getting started this week.
    very cool things happening, will post comments soon...

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    little update, keep up the good work guys.

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    JessiBean Great start so far as always but you gotta do something about that little hand. Her left, our right. It looks really akward.

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