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    Desero - lol, well I've decided to get rid of it.

    Here's a new more expressive version, will add bits n pieces of stuff to her as I go along.

    Actually she looks like the 5th member of Kiss

    Edit : Another update, a bit of colour, and cleaned it up a little, especially the hands. I still don't know what kind of accessories and bits n' pieces to give her.
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    Adam Schumpert - Nice idea. The lower leg's a bit long, tho.

    Nutter - really nice rendering. the face is reading a tad masculine.

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    this sounds like areally cool topic! i might try to enter if i get through college apps fast enough. ugh
    pixeltuner: looks good! but i think i like the pose on the first one a little more. th red lighting's awesome though.
    posh: love it

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    Some crits and comments! Also, new version. Migrane... setting in...

    Daestwn- I -love- the tribal look to your Morrigan. Btw, facing outward is for squares.

    Matt B- I like the sketches of Morrigan and the soldier, I think they're much more dramatic and interesting.

    Venger- Amazing composition; it looks very, very cool.

    Nutter- I like your latest Morrigan, the angle is very nice, and the eyes are intense.

    Posh- I like the colored version of the landscape you did, her face looks lovely. All of them look lovely, actually.

    Oddy- the composition of your drawing.

    Tommoy- Looks good so far! Can't wait to see what you're doing with it next

    Nerahla- I'm having a bit of an issue figuring out what the bundle at her feet is. It looks like an eel, but my eyes are starting to cross from staring at my computer all day.

    Skorpi- Lovely sketch!

    James- Nice idea, I think it'd look better with her wings spread out, imo.

    Rumpenstilzkin- The middle one is my fave. Looks like an interesting headdress, I quite enjoy it.

    Dwin- I like the 6-arm idea, and that you're mixing it in with your Cu drawing

    Artina- I do like the 'B' drawing, it's very raven-y.

    Acton- I like the dress idea, but to me it seems a bit too lively for a Morrigan drawing. I guess I just imagine it as a dark character.

    Metal-Mike- Nice sketch, I like the tribal aspect.

    Majortom- I like the idea, I think if you're going to make feather-hair you should have it speading out a bit more?

    MisterE- Love the tattoo designs, I'm liking the middle one most

    PixelTuner- Very nice color scheme

    ImaGEEnation-Nice pose, the colors remind me more of a phoenix as opposed to a raven (crow?). Still, very nice. I quite like the little crows (ravens?) poking out of the frame.

    Jader- I'm excited to see how your drawing is gonna flesh out, looks good so far!

    PxelSlayer- Ugh it's so intense and amazing. Moooaarr.

    Darkwolf- Going for the trifecta eh? Can't wait!

    Fersteger- I'm digging the mood of the piece.

    DefiledVision- I like your style a lot. A lot.

    PowleyMan- Nice drawing

    Kristo- Cool perspective, reminds me of a comic panel. A celtic legend comic panel.

    Josu- Sweet helm design, I also like how the dress is flowing.

    Deadhead- Nice twist, looks more 'demon' to me than ethereal, but I like where you're going.

    Reymus- Sweet pose, the hair is especially nice. Does she have an energy ball floating above her hand?

    Desero- I like the circle patterned one, that could turn out very very cool.

    Adam- HNNNGH. Do more.

    Aaaaand here's my PoS doodle. She's dissolving into crows! Isn't that nifty? I need to sleep now, and really get workin' on this tomorrow.

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    Man, it seems like everyone is loving this theme!
    I'm really sorry I can't give everyone constructive crits right now, so I only gave ones to the newest posts. :/ I'll come back with better comments later haha!

    Nutter: I love the pose you picked, she feels very demonic! It's a strong start, but I'd be careful around her face, it seems her eyes are getting a little close together.
    Adam Schumpert: Man, that is ambitious! I love how man symbols of her you put into it, and how much you thought about every element of the piece so far. But watch out around where the main figures dress is flaring up and there is the wolf face, because of the values I keep looking right there. With the right values, that piece will look fantastic.
    Desero: Man, I'm sorry to hear about your troubles. At least it's taken care of now, right? I really like the way your drawings are done, but in the top one, I would really push her pose more. It feels like she is halfway between flying and sitting down, so I would make sure it is more clear what she is doing more.
    Reymus: She really feels like a Valkyrie right now, which isn't a bad thing . I would be careful around her shoulders and chest region, it seems like they are a little too wide. Other than that, great start!
    deadhead16mb: I love your ideas, it is definitely unique. I especially like the second head on the face right row, it seems so crone-ish and otherworldly.
    LadyLooLauren: I really like the update with the red ink, I feel the blowing skirt is way more dynamic. But don't be afraid to use big brushes in the beginning stages!
    Josu: I love that idea. The pose is interesting, and it seems like your values are definitely on the right path. I would be aware though that it seems like her neck and the front of her chest (right about her breast) seems a little out of place, and too far forward. Besides that, I'm eager to see where you take it
    Kristo Novo: I find the pose and the strange perspective to be very interesting, but I'd be careful about her upper arms right now. They seem a little skinny. Her light-eyes are a really cool idea though
    PowelyMan: I like how she feels like some sort of exotic ritual dancer right now, haha! Be careful about her pelvis to rib cage ratio getting out of wack, it seems like her hips may be a bit too narrow.
    ImaGEEnation: Good work, to add onto what PxlSlayer was saying, I think her breast goes too far back. It seems to almost go into her armpit, and sculpting it out a bit more will really help it out.
    DefiledVisions: I really like the mood and the style of it so far, so I'm really curious of how you take this forward
    Fersteger: Really awesome. I can see where it will be challenging, but I love the concept. It would be a great one to develop.

    As far as mine, I'm now working out the colors and the values. I'm still not sure what to do about the hand. I'm also nervous about the color harmony, since I am not sure if it is really harmonizing well at all right now.

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    Maybe I'll post my final in time this round

    So many awesome ideas/sketches, this is going to be a tough one!

    Last edited by megadubitably; December 4th, 2009 at 05:02 AM.

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    Some awesome stuff going on here. Changed mine up a bit. Think I'll be working this one to the end.

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    Going a little from:

    In one version of Cúchulainn's death-tale, as the hero rides to meet his enemies, he encounters the Morrígan as a hag washing his bloody armour in a ford, an omen of his death.
    I liked the sort of banshee-esque behaviour. Not really sure about some aspects of the design yet. She doesn't look quite enough like a goddess or a crone.

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    hi everyone,
    That's my first wip for this great topic...
    I hope to give a druidic aspect to this character

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    Last edited by Katanasoul; March 5th, 2016 at 10:13 AM.

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    1 sick professor = 1 canceled class = 1 happy PxelSlayer! (I mean, I hope he gets well soon...^_^)

    This is fun. Doing everything on a single layer, not worrying about the outcome, making everything perfect...pfft, who needs that?

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    Well, we can say they're some high level here
    And this is my sketch
    CHOW 182 :: The MORRIGAN

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    Artina - the morrigan wip 02

    Hey everyone,
    Thanks for the suggestions. I went ahead a worked on B. The are some truly amazing pieces from the get go. Adam Schumpert, Nutter, and a few others. My first reaction was DAAAAAMN! That's what I love about CHOW. Makes me wanna bring my game up. Anyways, here's my wip # 2. I'd appreciate any comments or crits. Thanks.

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    DANGG!! so many WONDERFUL work!!
    I still don't think i have the right to be here and to open my mouth!

    And yet..i thought i have to do it at one point, no? so here is what i have so far.
    I hope i can finish this in a week.

    daestwen - i didn't see anywhere written that you have to see her face..just that you have to see at least 3/4 of the figure i really like the spine- feather outfit idea!

    Nutter - i think the fact that her dress took so much space, and in not a to dynamical way made the drawing less interesting..but now?! OMG!! she looks so cool!!

    artina -your latest looks wip looks so cool! i just love her pose and overall mood..i think it needs a wider-larger background though

    Nerahla - i think those spears are a nice idea, but the should be placed in a different way? also her figure isn't quite right yet..proportions and the neck-hair aria seems to really need retouching..

    Venger - ooh i really really like how you incorporated last weeks chow so far can't wait to see you blending those two and adding more colours!

    MisterE - i really like the middle version! the way she has like a blue mask is very interesting! and the 3rd one is interesting but also scary lol ..remidns me more of a voodoo priestess, rather then a war goddess..

    majortom - i'm sure you'll do great!! and as far as the colour scheme goes, i think it is good, you just have to figure out the right saturation-value level;

    Pixeltuner - what lovely colours you chose! but i think the placement of the hands don't fit the character or the pose.. she seems shy and the hands express confidence..
    Sketchbook - I really appreciate comments and critique, please visit!

    Danny_K Icecold

    "Good artists are the crappy artists who never gave up!!"

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    BlackDelphin: Technically it's not a rule, it's just something that usually doesn't work well in a character design contest. As for yours... I like the hair to feathers thing but I think her balance is off (and her shoulders look a little funky). Maybe try standing like that yourself and taking a picture? That way you'll be able to see exactly where the stress and weight would go.

    artina: Cool beans, it's coming along. Careful there, though, she's got huge boobs and no ribcage. :] I like the mood!

    gdlr: Cooool sketch so far. My two crits for this... 1, if the bird is supposed to be a raven, it doesn't look like one! Ravens have a very strong, very easily recognizable silhouette, with this wide neck and a particular tail. It's easy to find shots of them though so I'm sure you can fix it up. :] Only other note is that her face looks like it's not quite aligned with her head... her eyes seem to droop rather than following her face.

    PxelSlayer: Nice Mood! I like the lighting but I'm worried that we can't see her well enough... can you punch her colour a bit so we can see the details?

    Katanasoul: Nice sketch so far! Not really many crits from me... Just curious how you're going to handle the feet / if you'll do them at all?

    blumarling: Coming along pretty well! My only crit is that right now she's reading more 'young woman walking through scary woods' than 'crazy-ass goddess of death' ;] I'm sure it'll be more apparent later though!

    Agh that's all I have time for I'll try to do some more crits later! In the meantime...

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